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Ye Qian rebuked Lu Yan without holding back.

Lu Yans face alternated between green and red as she tried her best to suppress it.

Ye Qian stood up elegantly.

“Im sorry, I still have something to do.

Ill be leaving first.”

Lu Yan could not maintain her calm anymore.

She stood up and said angrily, “Why do you have to make it sound so grand Dont I know what kind of person you are This is because youve hooked up with a new man.

That man must be able to give you sufficient power, right It seems that not only is his leg disabled, but hes also blind.

How else would he be deceived by a venomous woman like you”

Ye Qian turned around, and she was very calm.

“Lu Yan, now youre making me feel a lot more comfortable.

Youre supposed to be such an uncultured swine.

No matter how much you pretend, it cant hide your true nature.”

Lu Yan sneered.

“Isnt that all because of you”

“How can she make you uncultured” A faint voice came from behind Ye Qian.

Cousin Mo, who was sitting in the wheelchair, drove over.

The moment Ye Qian saw cousin Mo, her hostility dissipated.

She reached out to grab the handle of the wheelchair naturally and asked gently, “Why are you here Im ready to leave.”

Cousin Mo smiled.

“How come you dont know how to fight back when youre being bullied”

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Ye Qian smiled faintly.

“Its okay.

I dont mind.”

Cousin Mo looked at her.

“But I do mind.

I wont allow anyone to bully you!”

Ye Qian reached out to gently hold cousin Mos hand.

This scene deeply stimulated Lu Yan.

“I heard that youre Master San of the Seven Brothers.

Im really sorry.

I didnt expect that the dignified Master San would be so blind.

She is a demoness.

Id advise you not to be fooled by her.

Be careful or shed chew you clean and spit you out!”

Cousin Mo looked deeply at Lu Yan.

“So what I like being deceived by her.

Being deceived by her is my happiness.

You wont be able to understand it.”

Lu Yan said emotionally, “Ye Qian is a monster without feelings.

Its impossible for her to fall in love with anyone.

She only loves herself.

If she shows that she has feelings for you, its all an act.

She only wants to benefit from you! When shes almost done sucking up your blood, shell leave you! She used to treat Jing Ning like this!”

This Lu Yan is a lunatic!

I was so angry that I wanted to rush down to stop her.

What right did Lu Yan have to criticize Ye Qian like this I couldnt just watch cousin Mo be deceived!

Jing Tian pulled me back, and he whispered, “Whats the hurry Do you think Tong Mo is made of paper He has a problem with his legs, not his brain.

Dont get all flustered over this.

He and Ye Qian are handling this very well.

Why would you go and disturb them”

Jing Tian forced me into his arms and didnt let me get down.

Cousin Mo smiled at Lu Yan.

“If she really wanted to lie to me, I would be willing to be cheated by her.

I would be very happy if she was willing to accept my property.

Its a pity that she didnt want it.

How nice would it be if she did what you said and take everything from me How about you try and help me persuade her to accept my property and me Ill be very grateful to you.

Maybe I can help you leave the GU family too!”

Lu Yan couldnt help but take a step back, her face a little pale.


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