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Cousin Mo was always indifferent.

His indifference always made me feel uneasy.

After dinner, I invited Ye Qian to take a walk in the garden.

Ye Qian was a little excited.

“Nanxing, thank you!”

I was stunned.

“What for”

Ye Qian turned to look at me.

Her eyes were watery, and the smile on her lips was sincere.

“Thank you for convincing Master San to accept the treatment.

Im really too happy.

I dont even know how to express my feelings.”

It was true that Ye Qian didnt have any big mood swings.

This person had always been ruthless towards me, and her emotional management was perfect.

I smiled.

“Then do you know how I convinced him”

Ye Qian looked at me in confusion.

I said, “I used you to convince him.

I told him that your life was already very sad.

Does he have the heart to let you suffer alone for the rest of your life After that, Cousin Mo agreed to cooperate with me.”

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Ye Qian was moved.

“Nanxing, really”

I looked at Ye Qian and nodded slightly.

Tears flashed in Ye Qians eyes.

She turned her head away.

But the tears that had burst out of her eyes could not be stopped no matter what.

“Im sorry,” Ye Qian said with a sob.

Her tears kept flowing.

We stopped at the small table in the pavilion.

I took a tissue from the table and gave it to her.

Ye Qian wiped the tears from her face.

“Im sorry.

I… Im not usually like this.”

I smiled.

“Its alright.

Its not easy to see you like this.”

Ye Qian couldnt help but laugh.

She rolled her eyes at me and finally calmed down.

“My cousin has always protected me since I was young.

He knew that his illness needed my blood to be treated.

Hed rather sacrifice himself than use me.

Please dont blame him.

My little uncle is like this too.

Not every man in the Tong Family is like Tong Hui and Tong Zhuo.” I explained to Ye Qian.

Ye Qian nodded.

“I know.

Ive always known.

Furthermore, Ive already made up my mind to face this matter with him.

At worst, its just death.

Were both people who live on extremes.

As long as we live every day and achieve our expected goals, then it doesnt matter which day we die.”

Tears flashed in Ye Qians eyes.

“But Nanxing, when I discovered that I really fell in love with him, I couldnt accept this matter.

Do you know When I couldnt sleep at night, I begged God.

I was willing to use my life to exchange for his life because I wanted to spend more time with him.

If I could live another 30 years, then I would give him 15 years.

I couldnt bear to leave him alone in this world, and I didnt want him to die before me and leave me alone.”

Ye Qians tears fell on the table and exploded into a small flower.

“Nanxing, you know me.

Im a completely self-centered person.

Since I was young, I fought for everything on my own.

I dont trust anyone but myself.

However, after meeting Master San, I knew my way was wrong.

Right now, I have Master San in my heart too.

As long as its for him, I wont hesitate to give up my life.

However, I love him, and I want to respect his own wishes.

He said that he doesnt want to use his sisters blood to prolong his life, so I have no choice but not to tell you.

Im… Im really conflicted.”

Ye Qian pulled out a tissue to wipe her tears.

I reached out and patted her.

“I didnt expect you to change into someone like this.

You have fallen for a man.

But that man is my cousin.

I cant even mock you even if I want to.”

Ye Qian couldnt help but glare funnily at me.


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