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I couldnt help but sigh.

Who would have thought that Ye Qian would have such a love story It was simply like a fairy tale.

The heavens pitied them.

Cousin Mo was a responsible person and he wouldnt disappoint Ye Qian.

“I really didnt expect that you would become my cousin-in-law.” I sighed.

Ye Qians face turned slightly red.

“I just want to be by Master Sans side for the rest of my life.

I dont have extravagant hopes for anything else.”

I couldnt help but widen my eyes.

“Youve been by my cousins side for so long.

You guys, really, uh, I want to ask, are you guys still –”

“Theres nothing between us.” While I was still stuttering, Ye Qian had already said it directly.

I looked at her.


Ye Qian lowered her eyes.

“Master San has some concerns.

He always knows that he doesnt have much time left, and he doesnt want to implicate me.

He hope that after he leaves, I can still have a beautiful future.” Ye Qians eyes were filled with faint tears.

“But, in this life, apart from him, I wont love anyone else.

Im his woman.

Even if hes gone, Ill still be his woman.”

I slammed the table and stood up, startling Ye Qian.

She looked up at me.

I rolled up my sleeves.

“Ye Qian, dont worry.

Ill definitely let my cousin live for a hundred years.

As long as Im alive, my cousin cant die!”

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As I walked out, I shouted without turning back, “But you have to take the initiative.

I cant help you with that matter.

Think about it carefully.

Let me tell you, if you want to thank me, then hurry up and become my cousin-in-law!”

Ye Qian didnt follow me.

I reckoned that she was too dumbfounded.

She should reflect on herself properly.

I had to find Mr.


I bumped into Su Shen and she pulled me back.

“Where are you going Im looking for you!”

“Whats the matter” I stopped.

Su Shen looked left and right before saying in a low voice, “Ma Ji wants to see you!”

Ma Ji

I had almost forgotten about this persons existence.

“Why is she looking for me” I asked curiously.

Su Shen shook her head.

“I dont know.

Ma Ji has been locked up in the dungeon.

Master Si was supposed to escort her back to her tribe but Master Si didnt really leave, so Ma Ji was locked up back in the dungeon.


Li doesnt have time to care about her now.

Shes quite honest.

Its just that she suddenly told the brother guarding the dungeon that she wants to see you today.”

I couldnt understand it.

“Are you going If youre going, Ill accompany you!” Su Shen asked me.

“Yes, lets go and take a look.” I nodded.

“I heard that this woman is very evil.

Why dont we bring Mr.

Li along” Su Shen suggested.

I shook my head.

“Theres no need.

She wouldnt say anything with Mr.

Li around.

Plus, if she wants to talk to Mr.

Li, why would she name me specifically I heard from Mr.

Li that she couldnt do any voodoo anymore.” Mr.

Li had already sealed off all of her evil techniques.

“Alright then, but we have to be on guard.

Dont go near her and stay away from her,” Su Shen reminded me.

I nodded in agreement.

The so-called dungeon was a very spacious basement.

It had ventilation, drainage, and lighting.

The conditions were pretty good.

In the innermost area, there was a row of areas surrounded by iron railings.

There were beds, tables, and other living facilities.

I saw Ma Ji at a glance because there was no one else locked here.

Ma Ji sat cross-legged on the single-seater wooden bed.

Her hands were placed on her knees and formed a seal that I could not understand.

Her eyes were closed and she did not move at all.

Ma Jis complexion was not bad.

Ever since she met Mr.

Li, Ma Ji might have lost all of her powers and magical powers, but she was becoming more and more like a human.

Her ghostly presence weakened.


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