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“Tong Yan is very beautiful.” I couldnt help but blurt out.

Ma Ji smiled.

“Thank you.”

Her expression softened.

“Under my efforts, Tong Yans blood is the closest to Phoenix Blood.

Thus, she has also won Tong Huis heart.

To control us, I couldnt admit to her the truth.

He placed Tong Yan under the Yan Family.

For this, he killed a child of the Yan family so that Tong Yan could replace him.”

I was confused.

A mocking smile appeared on Ma Jis face.

“The women of the Yan family are all infatuated with Tong Hui and his son.

They are all fighting to give birth to their children.

They dont care what happens to their children.

These babies will be adopted together for eight to ten years before they are sent back to the Yan family.

The Yan family wouldnt have thought that there would be an imposter among them.

In addition, Tong Yan is good-looking and favored.

Everyone in the Yan family highly values her.

Therefore, her personality is a little domineering.

She really resembles the Yan Sisters.”

I asked curiously, “But when you tried to capture me, you poisoned her!” Tong Yan warned me to be careful of Ma Ji, but they were mother and daughter Im sorry, but that is very hard to believe.

Ma Ji let out a sigh of relief.

“Thats because, in order to make her blood accept the phoenix blood as much as possible, I poisoned her secretly.

This poison will not hurt those with the Tong family bloodline, but its still a poison.

If it continues to stay in her body, shell go crazy and die.

So I actually cured her before I sent her to be a spy by your side.”

“Did you tell her about this” I asked.

“Why should I” Ma Ji looked at me blankly.

I was speechless.

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“Shes just a lab rat.

What good would it do for her to know about this Shed only feel resentment.

Im her mother, but Ive poisoned and cured her.

I dont need to explain anything to her.

I have an agreement with Tong Hui, and I wont tell her about her background.

Its not necessarily a bad thing for her to live in a muddled state,” Ma Ji said.

I really didnt know how to evaluate this kind of selfless and selfish motherly love.

“Alright, Im convinced.

Tell me, how can I help her Erase her memory and then find a safe place to let her live like an ordinary person” I asked.

“Can you” Ma Jis eyes lit up.

I thought for a moment.

“Its not difficult.

But the problem is how can I convince Mr.

Li and my little uncle to go along with this.”

Ma Ji smiled faintly.

“Ill give you a reward.”

I was surprised.

Even in her current state, she still had a reward for me

Ma Ji looked at me.

“Ive studied the Phoenix Blood and the Tong familys family disease for so many years.

Although its not the same method as Mr.

Lis, Ive made some headway.

If Tong Hui has given me a title, I would have helped Tong Zhuo prolong his life.

But, its pointless down.

I dont want to sacrifice myself to help those black-hearted people.”

Ma Jis eyes were burning.

“My clan has been destroyed.

Tong Yan is my only bloodline.

However, she has never learned witchcraft and has not received any true training.

If Mr.

Li is worried, you can ask him to deprive Tong Yan of her natural talent.

In return, Ill give you my research result on Phoenix Blood.

Nanxing, I believe you can do something with it.

I trust you with my life.

Dont worry.

I wont curse it like my sister.

First, I dont have that kind of power anymore.

Second, I dont want this vicious cycle to begin again.”



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