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I was a little confused by Ma Jis words.

Ma Ji smiled and suddenly raised her right hand.

Her five fingers turned into claws and stabbed at her heart.

“Ah!” Su Shen and I screamed.

“Ma Ji! What are you doing” I tried to open the iron door, but it was locked.

I turned around and yelled at Su Shen, “Key!” Ma Jis smile didnt change as she looked at me.

“Ma Ji! Dont do anything stupid!” I fidgeted outside the rails.

Ma Jis face paled.

Su Shen finally came with the key.

My hands shook so much that I couldnt get the key into the keyhole three consecutive times.

Su Shen snatched it over and opened the door with a bang.

“Ma Ji…” I moved to Ma Jis side.

Ma Jis five fingers stabbed deeply into her heart.

She looked at me with a smile in her eyes.

“Nanxing, for so many years, Ive kept a little bit of your blood.

I used sorcery to fuse it into my blood, and then it accumulated in my heart bit by bit, using my hearts blood to nourish it.

Its just like, using a clamshell to nourish a pearl.

When the time comes, my blood will have the same effect as the Phoenix Blood.

However, Tong Hui betrayed me, so Tong Zhuo doesnt have the right to use it anymore.

Nanxing, I trust you.

Help me take care of Tong Yan.

Take this blood as your reward.”

Before I could react, Ma Ji pulled out her five fingers.

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The blood did not spurt out.

Instead, it slowly flowed out.

The blood that flowed out coagulated automatically.

Blood-colored beads fell onto Ma Jis palms.

Su Shen and I were dumbfounded.

Ma Ji raised her head, and her smile was so weak that it seemed as if it would disappear in the next second.

“Nanxing, for a person like me, if I die, Ill have to go to the eighteenth level of hell.

Im afraid that Ill stay down there forever.

However, it doesnt matter.

My life is already interesting enough.

I wont threaten you and say that Id come back as a malicious spirit to haunt you if you dont take care of Tong Yan.

I dont have that power anymore.” Ma Ji chuckled lightly, “Nanxing, I believe you.

Give my hearts blood to Mr.


This is the only clean thing I have left.

Go and save Tong Mo.

Before you find the medicinal herbs, my hearts blood is enough to ensure his safety.”

She gestured for Su Shen to come forward and receive the item in her hand.

I looked at Ma Ji in shock.

“Ma Ji, I will definitely take good care of Tong Yan as you requested.

If she is willing, I can keep Tong Yan by my side.

I will personally take care of her.”

Ma Ji was a little flattered.

“Nanxing, youre too kind.”

I nodded heavily.

“Dont worry.

Ill definitely treat her well.”

Ma Ji smiled.

“Alright! Thank you! Remember to get Mr.

Li to erase her memories.

Its best if she doesnt know how to love for the rest of her life.

Without a man, she can at least live a stable life.

With a man, there will be endless storms.”

Ma Jis voice became weaker and weaker.

I hurriedly supported her.

“Su Shen, go get Mr.

Li! Quick!”

I comforted Ma Ji.

“Ma Ji, dont sleep.


Li will definitely save you!”

Ma Ji leaned on me, and she gently shook her head.

“Theres no need, Nanxing.

I volunteered for this.

In my entire life, Ive never been so willing to do something for someone else.

Nanxing, Im very happy.

Finally, I can leave a trace of my life behind.”

Ma Ji slowly closed her eyes.

My tears fell on her hair.

Ma Jis life was extremely pure.

She would do anything for love.

She wouldnt hold back for her family.

She had done everything she could for both her lover and daughter.

Furthermore, she didnt ask for anything in return.

She just wanted to live for herself.


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