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Chapter 73: Rumors

Overnight, I made a name for myself in the upper echelon of M City.

There were all kinds of rumors about me.

The second miss of the Nan Family was a nympho who seduced men.

Young masters from several big family fought over the second miss of the Nan Family.

The second miss of the Nan Family had eloped with a man despite the warning of her aunt and uncle.

The second miss of the Nan Family was in a relationship with the 7th master of the Jing Master and they had moved in together.

The second miss of the Nan Family came from a bad background.

Her mother was a mafia member.

The second miss caused her parents death.

She was adopted by her aunt and uncle.

She carried bad luck everywhere she went.

Thanks to the good education of the Nan Family, the second miss was forced to behave herself.

However, before she was 18, her true nature was inevitably exposed.

Everyone was saddened for the Nan Family to have harbored someone like that under their roof.

The rumors about me were varied but the version about the eldest miss of the Nan Family, Nanyang was unequivocal.

She was dignified, elegant, educated and polite.

She was the paragon of virtue and everyone wanted to marry her.

Jing Tian and my uncle were surprised by these rumors and they were understandably very angry.

They were ready to call their legal teams but I stopped them.

I didnt care much about these rumors, in my previous life, I have heard worse.

But I did care about who had started these rumors.

After all, the person didnt forget to elevate Nanyang while slandering me.

It was quite impressive.

After comforting my little uncle and Jing Tian, I went to school like Jing Ni as usual.

As soon as I arrived, I felt many strange gazes on me.

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I told Jing Ni to walk ahead but she held onto my arm tightly and refused to let go.

“Ni Ni, you should save yourself by dissociating with me.

You need to care about your own reputation.” I turned to look at the girl who had laid her head on my shoulder.

Jing Ni huffed.

“You are my best friend! I wont abandon you!”

I smiled.

I really was lucky to befriend Jing Ni in this life.

She had always been kind to me.

When we were kidnapped, she helped me block the whiplash and even now, she stayed to face the horrible rumors with me. Jing Ni, I promise I will not abandon you either! I will do my best to protect you!

With the others looking on, Jing Ni and I walked to our classes.

When I came to my classroom, most of the students were already seated.

On my table, there was an acrylic plaque with the word,bitch written on it.

I picked up the plaque to take a closer look.

Many people glanced at me from the corners of their eyes.

I put down my school bag and walked to the podium in front of the class holding the plaque.

Whispers and boos followed me.

I picked up the fire extinguisher next to the door and smashed it against the plaque.

The girls in the class screamed.

I placed the fire extinguisher back in its place and kicked the plaques pieces into the corner.

I said calmly, “That is the consequence for the person who did this! So dont let me find out your identity.

If you wish to attack me, then expect me to fight back.”

The classroom was silent.

I chuckled internally.

Children at these age had hot blood and rampaging hormones, they felt like they had the right to judge the world.

I was often alone at school.

After 3 years studying at this school, I still didnt know everyone in my class, however, they want to judge me based on the rumors they heard Well, I cant be faulted for wanting to give them some extra education.

When the class teacher entered, she had no idea about the incident that happened earlier.

She announced the results from last weeks monthly exam.

This time I had advanced 36 spot on the schools leaderboard.

I was placed 6th in my class.

The class teacher was very happy for me.

“I would like to give a high praise to Nanxing.

Her result has been steadily improving.

Everyone, you should try to learn from Nanxing.

Nanxing, you have to share with everyone your learning tips so that everyone can rise with you.

Come, Nanxing, share with us your studying insights!” She looked at me like I was her biological daughter.

I slowly stood up and walked to the podium.

I gazed around the class and my classmates averted their eyes.

My lips curled with amusement.

I bowed humbly to the teacher and stood up to the podium.

I began in a humble voice.

“Theres actually no tips.

The main thing is to set a goal and then move towards it without holding back.

No matter what happens, no matter what people say, no matter the rumors and slanders, just focus on your goal.

Know what you need to do and understand your goal in life, thats all.”


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