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Ma Ji was dead.

This woman had caused me a lot of trouble.

But in the end, she refined the blood in her heart into a life-prolonging medicine and gave it to my cousin Mo.

she entrusted her only bloodline to me.

Su Shen and Su Qian asked me if I still hated her.

I smiled bitterly.

How could I still hate her

Such was life.

Sometimes, you hate someone to the bone.

You might even make killing her one day your goal for years to come.

However, as time passed, the hatred would gradually fade.

It was the normal passage of life.

If that person changed, youd find that hatred changing too… especially when that person used all her strength to help you before she died.

It was not that the hatred was not thick enough, but hatred was different from love.

To give up hatred was to redeem oneself.


Li examined the blood in Ma Jis heart.

He solemnly expressed that it was as Ma Ji said.

It could alleviate cousin Mos condition, which was almost equivalent to the effect of Phoenix Blood.

He would try to do both at the same time.

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Ma Ji was the last voodoo witch that Mr.

Li was going to hunt.

But in the end, Ma Ji used her voodoo to cure someone.

This made him a little at a loss.

He even began to doubt whether the original intention of his witch-hunting was correct or not.

I told him about Tong Yans background.


Li looked at me in shock and was unable to speak for a long time.

I said, “Ma Ji hopes that you can help erase Tong Yans memory so that she can live an ordinary and normal life from now on.

She even hopes that she wont be involved in matters of love for the rest of her life.”


Li didnt say anything.

I waited for a moment.



Only then did Mr.

Li speak slowly.

“Can I have her follow me”

This time, it was my turn to be shocked.

“What do you mean”

“Ill take in a disciple.

Im already so old.

I dont have a family, no children, and I dont have any inheritance.

Why dont I erase her memory and keep her by my side Ill teach her the ability to treat illnesses and save people.

Ill let her atone for the sins of her clan.

Itll appease my ancestors too.”

I hurriedly nodded.

“This arrangement is good, this arrangement is good! Mr.

Li, thank you so much!”


Li helplessly smiled.

“Silly girl, what are you thanking me for Its already good enough that you dont blame them.”

I smiled sheepishly.

“Im silly.

Silly people are blessed with silly luck.”

Tong Yans memory was erased.


Li said that this time, it was permanent.

After all, Tong Yan didnt benefit from her existing memory.

A few days later, Tong Yan woke up from her coma and became Mr.

Lis timid apprentice.


Li was also kind to her.

Tong Yan was quite a talented doctor.

No one could judge whether this arrangement was good for Tong Yan or not and whether it was fair or not.

There was no good or bad, fair or unfair, only suitable.

Tong Yans background meant that she wouldnt be accepted by the Yan Family.

Her mother had passed away, and her father couldnt be kind to her.

Ma Ji hoped for Tong Yan to have a stable life but what was a stable life

Staying by Mr.

Lis side might be a stable life for her.

Gu Nians election as the president came as no surprise.

However, on the night he took office, he came to see Jing Tian, and the two of them talked for a long time.

Before leaving, Gu Nian smiled at me.

“Nanxing, Ill guard this island for you.

Itll always be your mothers home!”

Then, he walked away with relaxed steps.


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