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I asked Jing Tian, “What did you talk about”

Jing Tian pulled my hand and walked back.

He dragged out his voice, “He warned me to treat you well.

He will build this place into a rich kingdom.

It will be your home forever.

As long as you suffer a little outside, he will bring you back.

I wont be able to see you for the rest of my life!” Jing Tian sighed, “Why do I feel like Ive shot myself in the foot”

I laughed happily, “Then will you give Gu Nian this chance”

Jing Tian sneered, “In his dreams! Let him stay here for the rest of his life! Its a wonderful place!”

I laughed, but I was still grateful to Gu Nian.

His feelings for me had always been pure.

Moreover, he was a gentleman and knew how to respect his feelings.

The next day, Su Shen told me some gossip.

Lu Yan and Lee Yang were taken away by Master Gu Er and Master Wei Wu.

It was fine for Lee Yang.

After all, he was Master Wei Wus illegitimate son.

Although this was a big difference from the refined man he had always been, and he had lost all his face, he was still a man after all, so it was normal for him to have some romantic debts.

The world had always been tolerant of mens promiscuity.

Lu Yan was not so lucky.

It was said that Master Gu Er was so angry that he had kicked her out.

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Since Gu Nian had always been on the fence, they wanted Lu Yan to marry him so that they could keep him on a leash.

Unfortunately, Lu Yan failed at her job.

If it had been Ye Qian, even if it had been Gu Yan, they would have done everything to make sure that they married Gu Nian.

However, Lu Yan wanted love.

This was the difference between her and the other daughters of the Gu family.

She thought highly of herself because she had graduated from a prestigious university and because the Gu family owed her many years of nurturing.

Therefore, she had completely gone off track and cuckolded Gu Nian.

She was indignant that Gu Nian didnt care about her.

She was indignant that the Gu Family treated her by Ye Qians standards even though the latter had already left the family.

Lu Yan, who had been kicked out of the Gu family, went to beg Gu Nian.

Gu Nian refused to see her.

She knelt at the door and begged bitterly under the bright sun, but Gu Nian did not relent.

After a long while, Lu Yan fainted.

Gu Nian asked the housekeeper to send her to the hospital and informed Master Gu Er.

Master Gu Er refused to take her back, citing the fact that he had disowned her.

Plus, even though Lu Yan and Gu Nian were not married, they were still engaged.

I couldnt help but feel sorry for Gu Nian, “People will definitely say hes being too cruel and heartless, right Besides, Master Gu Er will never let this chance slide.”

Su Shen nodded.

“Thats right.

Just as the car that took Lu Yan to the hospital left, there were reporters surrounding Master Lius door.

There were even female reporters who were filled with righteous indignation and said that the new president was too disrespectful to women.

They wanted him to give an explanation no matter what.”

“And then” Gu Nian couldnt explain himself.

He was the new president.

If this matter wasnt handled properly, his reputation would be tarnished in the future.

Master Gu Er had no fear.

His reputation was already ruined, so how could he not drag Gu Nian down with him.

To the Gu Family, Lu Yan had become disposable.

The Gu family wanted to squeeze the last bit of value out of Lu Yan.

Such was the human heart.

In the face of benefits, there was no kinship.


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