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Su Shens expression was even more excited.

“We dont need to worry about Master Liu.

Hes very good.

His people brought Lu Yan to the hospital, and instantly, the door of his house of blocked.

But Master Liu wasnt even home.

Instead, he was already in the hospital ward.

The reporters immediately rushed over, and Master Liu rewarded them with a livestream.

In front of everyone, he calmly broke off the engagement with Lu Yan.”

Su Shen played the video.

Lu Yan leaned against the headboard and looked very haggard.

She was crying pitifully.

Gu Nian, who was on camera, was as gentle as jade.

His voice was calm.

“Lu Yan, do you still remember how you knelt in front of me and begged me back then You said that you had nowhere else to go.

If you want to be recognized by the Gu family and gain a firm foothold in the Gu family, you must make the Gu family think that you are valuable.

As long as I can help you, you will repay me for the rest of your life.

“I am a person who values profit above all else.

Its agreed that our relationship is purely based on benefits.

Lu Yan, you wouldnt have forgotten about that, would you”

Lu Yans tears fell like rain, and she said in a trembling voice, “Master Liu, that might be the case at first, but I have fallen in love with you.

I treat you sincerely.

Even if you always have someone else in your heart, I still love you with all my heart! I know I was wrong.

I know Ive let you down, but please forgive me.

As long as you let me stay by your side, Ill repay you with everything Ive got!”

She struggled to get up, but she was still too weak.

Some in the crowd were already crying.

Gu Nian didnt get angry.

His tone was even.

“Im sorry.

Our relationship has always been purely business for me.

I dont know when you fell in love with me.

Plus, if youre telling the truth, then how can you explain sleeping with another man.

I dont think I have the magnanimity to forgive my woman for sleeping with another man.”

Lu Yan cried, “Im sorry.

I was blinded by greed.

Please forgive me.

I wont do it again.

Gu Nian, Ill be your slave.

Please forgive me.”

Gu Nian said plainly, “I dont need a slave.

Im a businessman.

Everything needs to be calculated and accounted for.

Im sorry that I cant satisfy your need for love.

So theres no need for us to continue working together.

In the end, Master Gu Er and I are still friends.

Please save some face for both our families!

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“I dont need you to return the money and things Ive given you all these years.

As for you, you just need to stop appearing in front of me.

From the day you betrayed me, it was over between us.

Please dont bind me with morality.

Your father, Master Gu Er, knows my past very well.

If you think that you can make me forgive you by kneeling at my door, then youre gravely mistaken.

If you dont believe me, just continue kneeling.

Well see who will be humiliated in the end.”

Gu Nian turned around and faced the reporters.

“Thank you for your trust to elect me to be the president.

I have not done this before, but to ensure that I can focus, I will be fully dedicated to the welfare of the island for the next decade.

A personal relationship is not part of the plan.

Im incompetent for being betrayed by a woman, and Ive disappointed everyone.”


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