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“Thump, thump, thump, Thump.” Hurried footsteps came from the stairs.

“Nanxing! Somethings wrong!” Mai Qi dragged her computer and ran up from the cabin, followed by Jing Ni, who had a serious expression on her face.

Ye Qian and I asked in unison, “Whats wrong”

I guess my mood is the same as Ye Qians.

We knew that there wouldnt be any peaceful days.

We were calm.

We looked at each other and saw acceptance in the eyes.

Mai Qi showed us the dark net.

There was a half-body picture of me.

From the angle, it should have been taken secretly, but the clarity was very high.

These paparazzi are really willing to do anything.

At the bottom of the photo was a short introduction, followed by a red boldface caption.

“The Phoenix Blood of Nanxing is a rare medicine.

It has the effect of curing all diseases and prolonging life…”

I looked up, not interested in reading anymore.

I asked them, “What do they mean Are they selling me on the dark net”

Mai Qis face was solemn.

“The news was just posted.

Jing Ni and I tried to delete it, but after we deleted it, it would immediately appear on another page.

Jing Ni tried to trace the IP address, but in the dark net, you know, its too difficult.”

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I nodded.

Of course I knew.

My uncle was able to find me because I deliberately left the real address.

But the person who sent the message wouldnt expose his identity.

Other than the dark net manager, no one could trace the person who sent the message.

No one could find the manager because if they were found, the dark net wouldnt exist until now.

Ye Qian frowned.

“It has to be Tong Hui and Tong Zhuo, right Besides them, who else knows about the Phoenix Blood”

Mai Qi sat opposite me and placed the computer in front of us.

“Jing Ni and I also think that Tong Hui and Tong Zhuo did it, but so what Right now, whats more important than capturing them is how to remove this news from the dark net.

We cant let more people see it! What will these people think of Nanxing”

“…Tang Sanzangs flesh!” I looked at the paragraph on the page and thought for a moment.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni both looked at me with incredulous expressions.

“Am I wrong” I raised my chin towards the screen.

Jing Ni said somewhat dejectedly, “What an image.”

Mai Qi moved her body.

“Dont say that.

I instantly feel that my entire body is covered in hair.”

I glared at her.

“Youre at most a second senior brother, Zhu Bajie!”

Mai Qi raised her hand and hit me.

“Doesnt your conscience hurt by mocking people like that”

“No!” I grinned.

Ye Qian stopped us.

“Alright! We need to resolve this.”

I looked at Mai Qi smugly.

“See! Ye Qian is acting more like eldest senior brother, Sun Wukong.

We have to get into character and solve the problem!”

Ye Qian scolded with a smile.

“Are you done yet”

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Jing Ni interrupted, “Second senior brother, eldest senior brother is right! Isnt that right, master”


Then, the four of us burst into laughter.

On the dark web page, the indicator light next to my photo flickered.

It meant that someone was logging in to see this news about me every second.

It was meaningless to take down the news now.

In every corner of the world, people knew about Nanxing and Tang Sanzang were the same.

However, Tang Sanzang had gone through 81 tribulations and reached his destination.

No one succeeded in taking his flesh, because he was someone that both heaven and Buddha had to protect.

Nanxing could only ask heaven and Buddha to not let innocent people be involved in my tribulations.

After all, not everyone had the luck to eat Tang Sanzhangs flesh.


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