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Li, I will gather the best team of doctors to cooperate with you.

We will do our best to study the Phoenix Blood.

Itll be my blessing if we can use Phoenix Blood to benefit humankind.

I will also hand cousin Mo over to you.

You must treat him.


Li, if, I mean if, something happens to me, you must not stop your experiments and research.

You must keep enough blood samples.

I will work hard to have a strong body!” I said.


Li was confused.

“Girl, what do you mean by this”

I smiled and said to Qu Hao, “You understand what I mean.

Please help me draft a document.”

Qu Hao couldnt bear it, but he still nodded.

“Nanxing, I admire your courage.”

I looked at him.

“Its you who gave me the courage.

Because of you, I dare to face anything.”

Qu Hao looked at me.

“If anything happens, I wont be able to stop Jing Tian.

You know that no one can stop him.”

I fell silent, and I nodded.

“I understand.

Fortunately, there are you, little uncle and cousin Mo.

All of you have your loved ones.

Qu Hao, help me minimize the losses.

I dont want him to kill too many people because of it.”

Qu Hao nodded.

“Nanxing, I understand what you mean.

Dont worry, Ill help you draft it.

However, I wont allow this document to see the light of day.

Remember that Ill do my best to protect you!”

I glared at him.

“I come to you because youre rational enough! At least I still have someone I can reason with.

Theres no guarantee in the world.

If that day ever come, I need you to calm everyone down.

Ill only be at ease then!”

Qu Hao nodded slightly.

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“As for Jing Tian, we have our agreement.

Dont worry,” I said softly.

Qu Hao nodded again.


Li came over and asked carefully, “Girl, are you leaving your last words”

I said unhappily, “Thats right.

Im so rich now.

If I suddenly die, what will happen Of course, I need to leave a will.”

However, Mr.

Li didnt get angry at all.

He looked at me.

“Girl, if you were to really die, I reckon those hotheads will start a version of their stars war.”

I burst out laughing.


Li, I have no idea youd know something like stars war.”


Li didnt laugh.

“Girl, in any case, life is the most important thing.

Your life isnt yours alone.

Its related to the life and death of many people.

So, remember this old mans words.

Dont talk about life and death lightly.”

I took a deep breath.


Li, Ill remember it! Ill work hard to live well! For myself and for others.”

Qu Hao stood up, and he patted my shoulder.

“Ill get someone to calculate your assets.

This has nothing to do with your will.

You should at least know how much money you have.

Little Rich Lady, we might have to rely on you in the future to invest in us.”

I didnt move.

“Qu Hao, if anything happens, you can help me take care of it.

My uncle and cousin Mo have unlimited access to my wealth.

Jing Tian might not need it.”

The hand Qu Hao placed on my shoulder pressed down heavily.

“Dont worry.”

Life had taught me to prepare for the future.

I had to arrange everything before my death so that I wouldnt have any worries.

Having a friend who I could entrust everything was also a blissful thing.

“Forget what we said today.

Dont mention it to anyone.

Qu Hao, Mr.

Li is very important to me too.” I looked at Mr.

Li and said to Qu Hao with a smile.

Qu Hao nodded.

He understood what I meant.

Qu Hao was the perfect candidate for this due to his unique background.


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