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After I coaxed Auntie Lan, we could finally talk properly.

Auntie Lan kept holding my hand, pulling me wherever I went as if she was afraid that I would run away.

However, she kept saying that she didnt like me at all.

I smiled apologetically, knowing that I was in the wrong.

I had no choice.

This was my mother-in-law.

I couldnt count on anyone else to coax her.

She already treated me like this, much less Jing Tian.

She didnt even give him a glance.

This continued until Mr.

Li came over with Tong Yan.

Tong Yan was now called Wang You, a name given to her by Mr.


The meaning was to forget troubles.

Wang You was a quiet, gentle, and sensible girl.

She had a fairy-like aura when she followed Mr.


Auntie Lan saw her at a glance.

“Eh Why havent I seen this girl before Shes so good-looking!” As she spoke, she reached out to pull Wang Yous hand, and Wang You retreated behind Mr.

Li in fright.

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I hurriedly reminded Auntie Lan.

“Auntie Lan, Wang You grew up on the small island.

Its her first time coming out to see the world, so shes timid.”

Auntie Lan hurriedly said, “Oh, is that so No wonder.

Its fine.

You should bring her out more often!”


Li looked at Auntie Lan and frowned.

“Did madam almost drown when you were young”

Auntie Lan was stunned.

She blinked her eyes and looked at me before looking at Mr.


I hurriedly whispered, “Auntie Lan, this Mr.

Li is a reclusive sage.

If it werent for him, I would have died a long time ago.

I wouldnt be standing here.

He is my savior.”

Auntie Lan hurriedly said, “Mr.

Li Thank you for saving our Nanxing.”


Li looked at Auntie Lan and smiled slightly.

I hurriedly asked, “Mr.

Li, is my Aunties body unwell”

Auntie Lan reacted and said, “Hes right.

When I was young, I fell into the sea and almost drowned.

From then on, I was always weak.”


Li, quick, help take a look at my aunt.” I was shocked.

Auntie Lan felt that I was making a fuss.


Li is a guest.

Dont trouble him!”

I pushed her down and said to Mr.

Li, “My aunt is very sensitive to air and smell.

Shes very allergic.

Please help her.”

The most important thing in traditional Chinese medicine was adjusting the Qi in the body.

Wang You took out a pillow from a small bag and placed it on the table, motioning for Auntie Lan to place her hand on the pillow.


Li stretched out his hand to check her pulse and asked Auntie Lan casually, “How did you fall into the water”

Auntie Lan replied, “I was naughty when I was young.

I had a twin sister.

We lived by the sea.

The two of us went to play on the boat.

I accidentally fell into the sea.

I heard from my parents that when I was fished out, I was pale.

I was placed on the deck, and I couldnt wake up.

They thought that I was already dead.

They were ready for my burial.

However, I woke up the next day in a miracle! My father even held a banquet for three days.

It was a glorious event!”


Li motioned for Auntie Lan to put her other hand up and continue to check her pulse.

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Aunt Lan said proudly, “From then on, everyone became so polite around me.

I had survived a great disaster.

No one in the family dared to provoke me anymore.

If they did, perhaps God would punish them!”

Jing Tian stood behind me quietly with a stunned expression.

It was obvious that he didnt know about this.

Mister Lis expression became more and more solemn, and my heart also grew anxious.

I couldnt help but reach out to hold Jing Tians hand.


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