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Auntie Lan was still feeling proud of herself.

But my heart sank.

From what I knew of Mr.

Li, this matter wasnt simple.

“How is it Is there a problem” Auntie Lan finally asked.


Li glanced at Jing Tian and me and smiled faintly.

“You havent been sleeping well these past six months, have you Your heart palpitations are getting more and more severe.

Auntie Lan was stunned.

“How… How can you tell”


Li smiled.

“This is the aftereffect of drowning.”

Auntie Lan denied it repeatedly.

“Impossible! That was a long time ago.

Why would I suffer the aftereffect until today Impossible!”


Li sighed lightly.

“The issue is not the drowning, but you were poisoned when your body was at its weakest.

I really dont know how you survived.

Youre really lucky!”

Jing Tian asked hurriedly, “Sir, what kind of poison is it How do we cure it”

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Before Mr.

Li could say anything, Auntie Lan had already withdrawn her hand and hit Jing Tian.

“What are you talking about Im not poisoned.”

“Mom, dont say anything!” Jing Tians face tensed up as he stared at Mr.



Li furrowed his brows and reached out his hand to Wang You, who immediately handed him the tool bag.


Li opened the tool bag and picked out a thin and long silver needle.

Then, he picked out some medicinal powder from a small porcelain bottle and placed it into a test tube.

“Madam, let me take some blood from your fingertip,” he said gently to Auntie Lan.

Auntie Lan was confused.

I pulled Auntie Lans hand and handed it to Mr.


I told her, “Auntie Lan, dont be afraid.

Lets just try it.

It wont hurt.”

As I spoke, I gestured for Mr.

Li to make a move.

“Ah!” When the needle pierced into Auntie Lans finger, she couldnt help but exclaim with a terrified expression.

I hugged her and comforted her.

“Dont be afraid, Auntie Lan.

Itll be over soon.”

That slender silver needle gradually turned black.

We were all stunned.

Auntie Lans expression also changed.

When the silver needle was half black, Mr.

Li quickly pulled out the silver needle and threw it into the test tube.

When the black silver needle came into contact with the powder at the bottom, it seemed to emit a wisp of black smoke.

The smoke was very hard to see.

Then, that lump of powder moved.

We could not help but blink our eyes, thinking that our eyes were playing tricks on us.

Watermarks appeared on the surface of the powder.

It looked like a worm melting.

“What… Is this” Auntie Lan asked in a trembling voice.


Li carefully put away the silver needle and sterilized it before putting it back.

The powder in the test tube melted in the blink of an eye.

The white powder also turned into a black liquid.

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“W-whats going on” Auntie Lan panicked.

I hugged her tightly.

“Dont be afraid.


Li, whats going on Tell us quickly!”


Li stopped beating around the bush.

“Back then, Madam was poisoned first and then drowned.

Thats why she managed to keep her life.” Mr.

Li explained, “Back then, Madam was poisoned by a kind of chronic flower poison.

The poison didnt take effect immediately.

By chance, Madam drown and the water got choked in her lungs.

That dissolved the flower poison and trapped it in her lungs.

Thats why Madam has issues with her lungs now.”


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