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“Then, then what the hell is in that test tube” I asked in a trembling voice.


Li took a look at the test tube.

“The poison was supposed to be trapped in the lungs, but with the passage of time, it has leaked out.

Madams body is gradually weakening.

If we dont deal with it in time, then…”


Li paused for a moment and said the result.

We were both shocked and happy.

We were shocked that Auntie Lan was poisoned.

We were happy that this poison could still be cured!

Auntie Lan slumped on the chair.


Li, dont keep us in suspense.

You have to continue!” I was annoyed.


Li passed the test tube in his hand to Wang You and let her deal with it.

He nodded.

“Nanxing, its a good thing that we came back in time.

If we had come back a month later, Im afraid that even the gods wouldnt be able to save Madam.”


Li, what do you need I need you to treat my mother.

Ill give you anything you want!” Jing Tian was also desperate.


Li smiled.

“Dont worry.

With Nanxing around, the problem will be much easier to solve!”

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My eyes lit up.

“Youre saying that my blood can save Aunt Lan”


Li nodded.

“Phoenix blood can cure all kinds of poisons.

Have you forgotten”

I immediately extended my hand in front of Mr.


“How much do you want Take it!”


Li extended his hand and pushed my hand to the side.

“Things are not that simple.

We have to pick the right time.

We also need a few medicinal primer.”

“Alright, Ill listen to you.

You can make the arrangements.

Well cooperate fully,” I said eagerly.


Li nodded and said to all of us, “Dont worry.

With Nanxing and me around, I cant guarantee that nothing will happen to Madam.

Ill go and make the preparations first.”

Auntie Lan had been in a daze the whole time.


“Auntie Lan!”

Jing Tian and I called out at the same time.

Tears flashed in Auntie Lans eyes as she muttered, “How could this happen Is it because someone wanted to harm me”

“Mom, dont worry.


Li will definitely cure you of your illness.

Dont let your imagination run wild.”

“Yes, Auntie Lan.

Look at how well I am now.

Its all because of Mr.

Lis treatment.

When Jing Tian found me, I was already on the verge of death.

So you have to believe Mr.


Theres no problem.

Dont worry.”

Auntie Lan asked in a trembling voice, “Why did they do this”

Jing Tian and I were stunned.


“Mom, do you still remember who poisoned you” Jing Tian held Auntie Lans hand.

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Auntie Lan closed her eyes gently, tears trickling down from the corners of her eyes.

A thought flashed through my mind quickly.

“Auntie Lan, are you and Xiao Zhi twins”

Auntie Lans body trembled.

“Its her” Jing Tian caught it immediately.

Aunt Lan said softly, “Were twins from the same mother! Why would she do this” Suddenly, she thought of a question.

“Jing Tian Ask Mister to examine you.

Youre my son.

Are you poisoned I gave birth to you after I was poisoned!”

Jing Tian held her hand.

“Mom, dont worry.

Im fine.

Ive been with Mister Li for so long.

If I was poisoned, he wouldve noticed long ago.

Auntie Zhis Island is owned by Nanxing.

However, Auntie Zhi and her family have already left the island because something happen.

I believe theyll come to China too.

Now, I need you to cooperate with Mr.


I will not forgive anyone who wants to harm you!”


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