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I said, “This is a small matter, and its not a big deal at all.

What can I do Other than give you blood”

Mister Li smiled.

“For Jing Tians sake, you really dont care about anything else.

Your blood is enough.”

“Then, when can we start” I hastily asked.

Mister Lis expression became grave.

“This voodoo worm is in a half-dead state.

This is also the reason why Madam Jing is fine despite her weak body.

However, the worm shows signs of activity today.

I suspect its owner is near.”

Jing Tian and I couldnt help but feel apprehensive.

What did this mean


Li shook his head lightly.

“Ive already checked.

Our people and the people who followed us are all fine.

Theres only one possibility.

That person is near us but hasnt shown up yet.”

Jing Tian and I heaved a sigh of relief.

“However, Madam Jing will be in danger.

If the other party is able to control the worm, it will be bad.”

I suddenly thought of a question.

“Then cant we take out the worm first Just like what you did to me back then”

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Lis expression was troubled.

“They are completely different.

Ma Jis voodoo is different from this persons voodoo.

Furthermore, I cant take the worm out suddenly because Im afraid Madam Jings body wont be able to bear it.

Shes been carrying this voodoo for almost her entire life.”

The culprit could only be Auntie Lans family, and Auntie Lan knew that.

It was just that she didnt understand the difference between voodoo and poison.

“Sir, Ill listen to everything you say.

Whatever you need, just say it.

Sir, please save my mother.” Jing Tian stood up and solemnly bowed to Mr.


I hurriedly mimicked him.


Li was so frightened that he quickly stood up to stop us.

“Theres no need for this.

Ill do my best!”

Auntie Bai Rui sent someone to invite us over for a meal.

With the guarantee from Mr.

Li, Jing Tian and I were relieved.

Everyone could finally sit together and eat a meal in peace.

Most importantly, this was a meal personally cooked by Auntie Bai Rui.

Apart from cousin Mo, everyone else had missed these dishes for a long time.

Cousin Mo had lived abroad for a long time, so he wasnt familiar with these dishes.

Ye Qian gently and meticulously laid out the dishes for him and explained the cooking method to him in detail.

I found it funny.

“Ye Qian, its not like cousin Mo hasnt eaten Chinese dishes before.

Do you have to take care of him like this”

Ye Qian felt embarrassed.

Cousin Mo rolled his eyes at me and said to Jing Tian, “Should I thank you for raising her like this”

I chided, “Tsk, seriously! Are you so biased toward Ye Qian Im your only cousin!”

Ye Qian placed the peeled shrimps on the plate in front of me and said with a smile, “Hurry up and eat!”

I smiled sweetly at her.

“Thank you, Cousin-in-law!”

Ye Qians face turned red, and she turned her head away.

Cousin Mo picked up a piece of rib and gave it to me.

“Come, stuff your mouth, or youd start talking nonsense again!”

Jing Ni and Mai Qi came to join in the fun.

Everyone was in a very good mood.

Auntie Bai Rui hurriedly walked to my side.

She lowered her voice and said, “Nanxing, Auntie Lan has been in the room the whole time and hasnt come out.

I just knocked on the door, but there was no sound.

This is very unusual.

Do you think shes not feeling well”

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Auntie Bai Rui had a worried look on her face because she was present when Mr.

Li diagnosed Auntie Lan.

I looked at Jing Tian hurriedly.

Jing Tian had already stood up and instructed the housekeeper, “Find the spare key.”


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