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Wang You passed the box to Mr.



Li indicated for me to look at the worm together.

I shook my head.

“If its possible, I dont want to see this kind of thing ever again in my entire life.”


Li said, “I still need to use your blood to nourish it, but not today.

I have to starve it for a day.

It will reject your blood now.”

I pursed my lips.

“Even the worm is so pretentious!”


Li sighed.

“Before we catch the culprit, we have no choice but to keep it.”

I glanced at Auntie Lan.

“As long as Auntie Lan is fine.

But why would Auntie Lan suddenly commit suicide”

“The worm was controlling her emotions.

She didnt have a choice either.” Mr.

Li explained.

I called Auntie Bai Rui in and asked her to take good care of Auntie Lan.

Auntie Bai Rui agreed with a solemn expression.

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Auntie Bai Rui was the most reliable one now.

There was no trace of Xiao Zhis whereabouts near the house, which was strange.

Jing Tian was very calm and told everyone to go about their own business.

He then passed the news of his return to the Jing familys old house.

That night, Old Master Jing brought his eldest son back to his hometown to visit the familys ancestors graves.

They were attacked on the way back.

Jing Tian gathered the Ardent Flame Alliance to save his father.

Once Ardent Flame Alliance left, the villa lost its security.

Instantly, assassins infiltrated the villa.

Everything was exactly as we had expected.

When Jing Tian brought back the battered old master Jing and the eldest son of the Jing family early the next morning, the battle in the villa had ended.

Sky City had fought a perfect battle.

I stood under the veranda and watched them clear up the battlefield.

The gang of four excitedly lined up in front of me.

“Big Sister Xing!”

“Big Sister Xing, youre finally back!”

“Big Sister Xing!”

“Big Sister Xing!”

Their voices were choked with sobs, and their eyes were red.

I looked at them as if a lifetime had passed.

“Thank you for your hard work!”

I went up and hugged them.

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They were my brothers! Sky City was my family!

Brother Hu reported the battle situation to me.

“They were all hired mercenaries.

They probably thought the place was weak once Ardent Flame Alliance had left.

The enemy greatly underestimated us.

If they were more prepared, we wouldnt have been able to end the battle so easily.”

I smiled.

“Brother Hu! Dont be modest.

Our Sky City is indeed powerful! All of you, report your battle results to the public.

From now on, I want Sky City to become high profile and expand its influence!”

Brother Hu looked at me.

He was a little excited.

He wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

“Brother Hu, is there a problem”

Only then did brother Hu say, “Sister Xing, do think we need to reorganize Sky City”

I nodded.

“That will come later.

Once everyone knows what Sky City is capable of, well have more time to deal with internal affairs.

Im not bloodthirsty, but in this city, you need to have the strength to own the right to speak.”

Brother Hu didnt quite understand, but he quickly pulled himself together.

“Yes! Well listen to sister Xing! Sister Xing, just give me your orders!”

I nodded.

“Investigate the background of these people and find out whos behind this.

Take this opportunity to take revenge.

Spread the word that Sky City is investigating the matter.

I want to let them know I am behind this.”

After the four of them left, Su Qian stood behind me and sighed.

“Sister Xing, youre really becoming more like a mafia boss.

But arent you worried that youve exposed yourself Everyone is after the flesh of Tang Sanzhang.”

I turned around and looked at her innocently.

“Thats right.

If I didnt make such a big commotion, how would everyone be able to locate me I want those demons and monsters to know where I am.

How else would they be able to come looking for me”

Su Shen sighed, “Life is going to be hard for Sun Wukongs like us.”


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