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I looked at Su Shen.

“Arent you supposed to be the second senior brother Zhu Bajie”

She raised her hand and was about to hit me.

“How dare you call me a pig”

I laughed and retreated to avoid her attack.

Su Qian stopped her and gave me a fierce look.

I ran over to take a look at Auntie Lan.

She was still asleep, and Auntie Bai Rui was watching over her.

All the members of the Jing family had gathered together.

I found sister Kong and sneaked to a corner of the side hall with me.

We hid behind the curtains so that we could see what was happening outside in the living room.

The old master was sitting in the middle, with his children and grandchildren standing on both sides.

The old masters head was injured, and his face looked a little swollen.

He was already so old, so the incident must have been a great blow to him.

“Seventh brother, whats going on Did you provoke someone outside” The eldest brother of the Jing family asked Jing Tian with an unsightly expression.

Jing Tian said indifferently, “Big Brother, I just came back.”

“Hmph! We have always been safe and sound, so why did this happen once you come back Where have you been all this time Did you provoke someone you shouldnt have” The eldest son pressured Jing Tian.

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Jing Tian had never been good at explaining things.

He knew an explanation wasnt going to solve anything, so he kept quiet.

The eldest brother of the Jing family refused to let it go.

“Everyone can see that youve never paid any attention to the matters in the company.

A job at the university wont help the Jing family at all.

However, youve been causing trouble everywhere.

Its one thing for you to seek your own death, but now youve brought trouble to the family.

Youve brought trouble to Father and me as well.

Tell me! How do you intend to shoulder this responsibility”

The others all looked at Jing Tian.

Old Master Jing coughed lightly and was about to speak when the eldest son of the Jing family said immediately, “Dad, you cant be biased toward him anymore! Hes already in his thirties.

How long are you going to pamper him You cant sacrifice the benefits of the other brothers and the company just for him, right”

Someone immediately echoed, “Thats right! Why should we sacrifice ourselves”

I gripped the curtains tightly, fighting with the heaven and earth to stop myself from rushing out.

These uncles and brothers, who were related to Jing Tian by blood, framed Jing Tian without hesitation.

Jing Tian became even calmer after hearing everyone criticizing him at the same time.

His silence was met with an even louder scolding from the crowd.

Some of them even slammed the table.

Old Master Jing tried to speak a few times but was stopped by Jing Tian.

When the argument was over, and the voices gradually died down, Jing Tian remained calm.

I was standing outside the curtain, feeling so angry that my heart ached.

This bunch of heartless bastards!

In the end, the eldest brother of the Jing family concluded, “Seventh brother, you must take responsibility this time!”

Everyone looked at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian finally opened his mouth leisurely.

“Eldest brother, what do you want me to take responsibility for How should I take responsibility Do you want me to take responsibility for the attack this time Do you want me to use my own company to compensate you”

The eldest brother of the Jing family snorted coldly.

It was obvious that he wanted everything Jing Tian had!

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Jing Tian was indifferent.

“Shouldnt Big Brother know better than me why you were attacked Whose business did you rob lately Dont you know It doesnt matter if you dont admit it.

Ive already arrested them, so I plan to hand them over to the police after having an internal interrogation.

The purpose of the interrogation is to clarify my name and provide an explanation.

As for what those people might say to the police in the future, I cant give any guarantee.”


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