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The old master glared at me.

“Youre so generous.

I dont even know what to say.” He ignored me and turned to Jing Tian.

“Do you want to do business with the Lin Family”

Jing Tian nodded and told the old master about the phoenix blood and the medicinal herbs he needed.

Hearing this, the old master fell silent.

After a long while, he said, “In business, profit comes first.

Although your brothers were in the wrong this time, its not irreparable.

No one will reject a profitable business.

The old man of the Lin family looks dignified, but in fact, he is a womanizer.

The sons and grandsons of the Lin family are all outstanding.

I cant rival him in this area.

As for the Jing Group, Im counting on you and Nanxing.”

The old man briefly introduced the situation of the Lin family.

Jing Tian nodded silently after hearing it.

“Actually, I dont have any intention of entering the company.

I dont want them to talk about you and mom behind your back.

I will protect the Jing Group from outside.

Why do you have to make them uneasy” Jing Tian said to the old man calmly.

The old mans eyes turned stern.

He pretended to be angry and said, “Brat! Do you have to go against me all the time Im already so old.

Do you still want me to worry about the company all day Do you have the heart to do that Have you been protecting the Jing Group Nonsense! I have been the one doing that! How can you protect the company from outside I originally thought that I would protect you by not dragging you in, but look at the situation now.

They wont let you go even if you keep a distance away.

In that case, why not just join the company openly At least youll get some benefits!”

Jing Tian fell silent.

The old master sighed.

“These problems are all my fault.

Ive raised a group of wolves.

But theyre my flesh and blood.

I cant control them anymore.

The only way is to balance them.

Jing Tian, dont treat yourself as an outsider.

Just do this for me, okay”

Jing Tian stopped talking.

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I tugged at the corner of the old masters shirt and pleaded in a low voice, “Old Master, dont be angry.

Talk nicely.”

The old master glanced at me, and his expression eased up.

“Girl, whats on your mind this time”

I smiled.

“I just want to ask if you can spend more time with Auntie Lan in the future.”

The old master said sternly, “Of course, I want to retire and spend time with Ah Lan.

Shouldnt I retire at my age Its all because I have an unfilial son that I cant.”

“Well, Old Master, does the shares I have still count” I asked carefully.

The Old Master glared at me immediately.

“Of course, they count! Everything I give you counts! So, youll be one of the shareholders of the Jing Group in the future.

You can also order Jing Tian to do things, understand”

He winked at me.

I couldnt help but laugh.

Jing Tian had no choice but to agree.

I had a feeling that disaster was coming for Auntie Lan.

We could help her with medication and fight for her, but we couldnt give her the companionship and love that the old master could give her.

This was what Auntie Lan would need the most.

Jing Tian and I were chased out by the old master.

He wanted to accompany Auntie Lan by himself and didnt want us to be an eyesore.

Jing Tian held my hand and put it into his pocket.

I raised my head to look at the side of his face.

The cold and hard lines on his face had softened a lot.

He was smiling.

He was happy to see his parents like this.


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