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After returning to the familiar environment, the air felt exceptionally sweet.

Auntie Lan was fine, and we started to do our own things.

The moment Qu Hao returned to the country, it was like fish returning to the water.

When he reappeared, he looked like the young master of a wealthy family.

Cousin Mos leg was recovering at speed visible to the naked eye.

Every day, Ye Qian would accompany him to do the rehabilitation.

After all, he still had to rely on himself to train his muscle strength.

Ye Qian did not leave the house.

To her, there was nothing in this city that made her happy.

Right now, all her attention was on cousin Mo.

She was very indifferent to everything around her.

I jokingly said to cousin Mo, “When have you decided to raise a company eagle”

Cousin Mo looked at Ye Qian with great affection and smiled.

Ye Qian chided me, “Youre always so naughty!”

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A servant came over with Ye Qians phone.

“Miss Ye, your phone is ringing.”

Ye Qian took the phone and answered.




She hung up the phone very briefly.

I was curious.

“Eh Are you still using your old number”

Ye Qian said plainly, “Yes, Im too lazy to change it.”

I smiled.

“Youre indeed a sentimental person.”

Ye Qian glanced at me.

“Arent you curious who that was”

I smiled.

“For this person to come looking for you so quickly, it must be an old acquaintance of yours.”

Ye Qian smiled.

“Do you have to be so smart” Then, she stopped smiling, “Its Gu Yan.”

“Gu Yan” I really didnt expect that.

“She married into the Gu familys business partner by political marriage and became a chess piece for the Gu family.

She successfully made that family become a vassal of the Gu family.

Therefore, Gu Yans status in the Gu family has risen a lot.

I believe that shes the one whos the happiest after Lu Yans accident this time.

Lu Yan became less threatening to her,” Ye Qian said plainly.

I thought for a moment.

“Why is she looking for you To reminisce Or to show off”

I really didnt have much good impression of that big-breasted and brainless young lady.

“I dont know.

She sounds a little anxious.” Ye Qian recalled.

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“Anxious Are you going to see her” I asked with concern.

Ye Qian glanced at cousin Mo.

Cousin Mo smiled gently.

“Do what you want to do.

Ill accompany you.”

Ye Qian replied with a gentle smile.

“Ill go and see her.

Its an old matter that cant be avoided.

What should come will come.

Rather than waiting, why not welcome it”

Cousin Mo looked at Ye Qian with appreciation.

I covered my eyes and stood up to walk out.

As I walked, I said, “Remember to inform Gao Da when you go out.

Between Su Shen and Su Qian, you should bring at least one with you when you go meet Lu Yan.

My eyes have been blinded.

I want to look for Mr.

Li to treat my eyes!”

The back of my head was lightly hit by something.

I turned around and looked at the ground.

It was the gardenia that Ye Qian was pruning earlier.

I laughed and ran away to look for Mai Qi and Jing Ni.

Ever since my secret had been exposed on the internet, the two of them had been nervously roaming the internet every day.

They really didnt want anything to happen to me.

With friends like this, what more could I ask for

I told them about Ye Qian and then closed Jing Nis computer.

“Have you heard the saying that if King of Hell wants you to die in the middle of the night, you wont live until dawn”

Jing Ni reached out to take off her glasses and rubbed her eyes.

“So what I dont think the King of Hell has the final say in life!”

“Hey!” I huffed.


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