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Mai Qi chuckled.

“Jing Ni, youre becoming more and more to my liking.

Thats right.

Well decide how long well live.

King of Hell can move back! Now this mission has been officially renamed Journey to the West! Hows my Tang Sanzhang doing”

“What do you think” I reached out and patted Mai Qis head.

“Gu Yan wants to meet Ye Qian.

Are you guys curious about what shes up to” I cut straight to the point.

Sure enough, the two curious babies looked at me at the same time.

“We are curious!”

“Then what are we waiting for” I encouraged them.

We were really connected! I found a feeling that I hadnt felt in a long time.

The place Gu Yan met Ye Qian happened to be a hotel under my little uncles management.

Outsiders didnt know about it.

We arrived first and found a suitable spot on the second floor for eavesdropping.

Whenever Ye Qian went out, cousin Mo would definitely follow her.

The two of them were like conjoined twins now.

However, cousin Mo chose a corner and did not sit with Ye Qian.

When Gu Yan appeared, we could feel the aura of a noble lady from 800 meters away.

It was really dazzling!

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On the other hand, Ye Qian was wearing a long white dress, simple and plain.

“Hey, if I had known earlier, I would have dressed Ye Qian in a good outfit.” Mai Qi looked like she was having a toothache.

Jing Ni did not agree.

“Its not like theyre here to compete with their wealth.

If they are, I think Ye Qian alone can rival half of the Gu family, right Plus, she has the support of Master San.

Ye Qian is very humble.”

Mai Qi sighed, “My brother is so lucky to have such a clever girlfriend.”

Jing Ni hit Mai Qi with a backhand.

Mai Qi giggled and dodged to the side.

I stretched out my hand to defend, afraid that they would make a mess and knock over the juice in my hand, but my eyes were looking at the sparkling Gu Yan.

Gu Yan had always been hiding behind Ye Qian in the past.

Everything was based on Ye Qians will, and she never had her own ideas.

Gu Yan also listened to Jing Yan.

In short, she was more like a puppet.

However, the person she relied on the most back then was probably Ye Qian.

Liking Jing Tian was also a task given to her by the Gu Family.

It was coincidental that she also sincerely liked Jing Tian.

Unfortunately for her, I was in the way.

I was probably the person she hated the most.

Well, that was not true.

There was another person she should hate more, Lu Yan.

If I was the reason she lost out her chance with Prince Charming, then Lu Yans appearance directly threatened her position in the Gu family.

Without the support of her status, she did not even have the right to like her Prince Charming.

As someone cultivated by the Gu Family, she should understand that very well.

Therefore, Lu Yan was the person who helped Gu Yan grow the most.

When Gu Yan needed her the most, Ye Qian left Gu Yan.

Gu Yan must have had a hard time for a period of time.

From her way of dressing, it was obvious that she was overcompensating.

Ye Qian looked at Gu Yan with a smile.

She was peaceful.

Gu Yan looked at Ye Qian and curled his lips.

“You dont look like youre doing very well!”

Ye Qian smiled and did not say anything.

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Gu Yan suddenly saw the ring on Ye Qians hand.

She reached out and grabbed Ye Qians hand.

She was shocked.

“Youre married!”

Then she said disdainfully, “What brand of jewelry is this It doesnt look like its worth much.

It looks like youve really fallen on your luck.

Jing Yan and the others told me that youre married to a big shot and are doing well.

Why cant I see that Were they lying to me After all, theres not one person who I can trust!”


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