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Jing Tian and the others also saw us.

They walked over quickly.

We held onto the arms of our respective boyfriends.

It was only then that I saw two young men standing behind the woman, looking at us with smiles on their faces.

Jing Tian introduced them to us one by one.

“This is Mr.

Lin An, Mr.

Lin Zheng, and Miss Lin Nan from the Lin pharmaceutical company.”

The three of them greeted us in a friendly manner.

I met Miss Lin Nans eyes.

Her smile was elegant and reserved.

“Hello, Miss Nanxing.

I was curious when Master Qi mentioned you.

I didnt expect to meet you so soon.”

I turned to look at Jing Tian.

“What did you say about me that you made Miss Lin so curious about me”

Jing Tian smiled and didnt say anything.

Lin Nan smiled.

“My Brothers invited Master Qi out to play.

Master Qi said he needed his get his fiancées consent first.

I was curious and thought that Master Qis fiancée was a willful and unruly young lady.”

I smiled until my eyebrows curved into crescents.

“Is that the only possibility Why cant his fiancee be a gentle and sensible lady with a peerless appearance”

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Lin Nan was stunned for a moment before she smiled.

“Yes, I was too narrow-minded.

Miss Nanxing is indeed a gentle and sensible girl with a peerless appearance.”

I smiled.

“I am definitely not that.

I have such thick skin.

In comparison, Miss Lin is so generous.

If you were my little aunt, she would have mocked me to the end of the world already.”

Mai Qi crossed her arms and said angrily, “You can be more direct and tell me I have a sharp mouth.

Theres no need for you to use the roundabout way to insult someone.

Thats very unbecoming.”

Mai Qi and Jing Ni really had a tacit understanding with me.

Lin Nan still smiled.

“You guys are so interesting!”

Mai Qi smiled.

“Miss Lin, nice to meet you.”

Lin Nan smiled and asked, “Are you really her little aunt”

Mai Qi said generously, “If there are no accidents, then yes!”


Tong Le put his big hand on Mai Qis head and warned in a low voice that everyone could hear, “What are you talking about There wont be any accidents!”

Mai Qi smiled.

“Okay, youre right.

Lets start again.

Im Nanxings future aunt because Im not married yet… I guess Im just waiting.”

“You two are a wonderful couple!” Lin Nans tone was very sincere.

She looked at Jing Ni.

“Miss Jing is Master Qis niece, right Why havent I seen you at the Jing familys party”

Mai Qi immediately pulled Jing Ni into her arms and rested her head on her shoulder.

She said to Lin Nan, “This is my future sister-in-law.

My Big Brother didnt come today.

I have the responsibility to protect her.”

The three siblings of the Lin family laughed together and looked at us with admiration.


Tong Le said, “At the gathering in two days time, young master Lin can invite his siblings to come together.

Youre most welcome.”

Lin Jian said with a smile, “We will definitely be there.

The Lin Family would like to be friends.”

Before they left, Lin Nan gave me another look with a smile.

I suddenly felt a sense of crisis in my heart.

For the first time in a long time, I felt protective of Jing Tian.

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Womens intuition was usually accurate, especially when they were in love.

Their IQ might drop down to zero for love, but their intuition would be at the maximum.

After they left, I looked at Jing Tian angrily.

Jing Tian reached out and rubbed my head to appease me.

This made the jealousy in my heart boil even more.

Ye Qian patted my shoulder from behind.

“Nanxing, I think I smell jealousy in the air.”

I turned around to hit her, but cousin Mo protected her immediately.

Cousin Mo looked at me with a smile, making me unable to do anything.


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