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I pouted my lips and asked Jing Tian, “Look, everyone can see that Miss Lin likes you.”

Jing Tian pulled me out.

“So what I only like you.”

Sweet words were the best antidote for jealousy.

The slight discomfort in my heart was immediately ironed out.

On second thought, many women would like a man like Jing Tian.

This proved that I had good taste and good fortune.

After all, Jing Tian was mine and had nothing to do with others!

I grabbed Jing Tians arm and followed him happily.

Jing Tian smiled.

“It seems that youve regained your confidence.”

I nodded with my head held high.

“Of course.

Who am I Im very confident!” After saying this, I raised my head pitifully.

“Jing Tian, you wont be seduced by other vixens, right”

Jing Tian smiled.

“The only vixen I like is you.

The other vixens arent as good-looking as you.”

Mai Qi turned around and called out to us, “Hurry up and go home.

Stop showing off.

Youre going to blind us!”

The Lin family was the most famous family of traditional Chinese medicine in m city.

Although they were ranked at the top of the rich list in M city, they were extremely low-key.

They were so low-key that people barely noticed the existence of the Lin family.

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The ancestral teachings of the Lin family were to help the world and save the common people.

Therefore, the other business families appeared very vulgar compared to them.

The Lin familys prestige was extremely high.

This was because even the most powerful people get sick.

Chinese medicine was hard to learn, but every generation of the Lin family practiced medicine, and they were all experts.

Every wealthy family had members who had once been saved by the Lin Family.

Therefore, how could they not respect the Lin Family

Therefore, the members of the Lin family, whether they were the elders or the juniors, were all highly respected.

This was the glory that the entire family had accumulated over the generations.

The Phoenix Blood was a gift from heaven, and the medical expertise of the Lin family was a national treasure.

I didnt expect that one day, I would actually have a relationship with the Lin family.

Jing Tian wanted to do business with the Lin family because of me.

By combining the Phoenix and the medical expertise of the Lin Family, we could create medicine that could save many people.

The current master of the Lin family was the 72nd generation successor of the Lin family.

He was also Miss Lins uncle, Lin Tang, a respected Chinese medicine master.

Since ancient times, medicine was not separated from the business.

The Lin Family was rich because they were good at business too.

The Lin family had a rule that the eldest son practiced medicine, the second son practiced business, and the other sons could choose their own fields.

The Lin family had many talented people from generation to generation, and they didnt have the slightest inclination to fight for wealth and favor.

This also made the Lin family out of place among the rich and powerful families, causing people to keep a respectful distance from them.

The other families would only feel so base after comparing themselves to the Lin Family.

Miss Lin Nans father was the youngest son of the Lin family, and Lin Nan was also the youngest granddaughter of the entire Lin family.

She had many older brothers and sisters and was doted on by many.

Miss Lin Nan herself was also very outstanding.

She had a Ph.D.

in medical science at a young age, and she had outstanding looks.

She was so outstanding that all the rich and powerful families did not dare to match her with their sons and grandsons.”

“So, shes 30 years old and still single.” The two gossipy women, Mai Qi and Jing Ni started to investigate Lin Nans background as soon as they came back.

In fact, before we met the Lin Family, we had already done a detailed background check on the Lin family.

It was just that we did not specifically investigate a single person.

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Jing Ni pointed at the beautiful id photo of Miss Lin on the computer screen and said to me, “I even found out where she went to kindergarten.

Do you want it”


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