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Chapter 76: Garden Huan

The incident between Li Tian and I had a terrible impact.

Li Tian was expelled, and Tian Ting and I were given demerits.

Honestly I couldnt care less.

However, my name soon became known to everyone at school.

Everywhere I went, people avoided me.

Rumors were hard to stop after they had been released.

However due to the threat from Jing Tian, the Li and Tian Families had to try their best.

However, the more one tried to cover up a rumor, the worse it would become.

Just like that, more rumors about me surfaced.

Thankfully no one dared to challenge me in person like Li Tian anymore.

I had made an example out of her.

However, the most surprising for me was definitely Nanyang.

I was shocked that she could be so calm to not come find trouble with me.

This wasnt the Nanyang that I knew.

I knew the answer when my little uncle came home to tell me proudly that he had won my custody.

Nan Feng must have suffered greatly from this.

After all, he had taken advantage of my little uncle for almost 2 decades.

At the same time, the Tong Groups subsidiary company in M City started their official operation.

It was then that I realized my little uncle had been plotting for a long time already.

Once Tong Group opened for business, it became a force equal to the big names like the Jing and Shi Families.

Nan Fengs Nan Corporation was no match for any of them.

Someone started a rumor that the Tong Family had a mafia background but the rumor went nowhere.

This was because Tong Family had made generous donation to schools, libraries and and other public facilities, becoming the publics most-loved corporation.

Naturally no one would believe the mafia nonsense.

The chairman of the Tong Group, Tong Le, was young and talented.

He graduated from a prestigious school and was keen on charity.

He could be often seen leading his team to do volunteer work.

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Someone of that calibre is stated to have a mafia background Clearly this was a smear campaign and no one bought it.

The new home I shared with my little uncle was called Garden Huan.

My uncle named it.

I didnt think it was that nice but when he said it was in memorial of my mother, I nodded with appreciation.

In the huge villa, there were only me and my uncle and a large group of servant.

It felt lonely most of the time so most of the time, I would wander over to Jing Tians villa to study with Jing Ni.

Of course, I was there to see Jing Tian too.

Jing Tian was very busy but he would free his schedule to check on Jing Ni and my homework.

Lin Ran had already been roped in to become ourfull/part time tutor.

When Jing Tian was not around, Lin Ran would fill in for him.

My little uncle was busy too but no matter what, he would come home every night and then drag me away from Jing Tians villa.

He guarded Jing Tian like he was a thief.

Even Lin Ran frowned at my little uncles childish behavior.

One day, Lin Ran approached my little uncle directly and asked, “Master Si, dont you think youre acting very childish”

My little uncle shrugged.

“Not really.”

Lin Ran tried to not let his temper get the better of him.

“Nanxing is at her rebellious age.

The more you stop her, the more shell rebel against it!”

My little uncle glanced at him.

“Im not trying to stop Nanxing, but a certain adult.”

Lin Ran rolled his eyes.

“Master Si, do you really think you can stop him if that certain adult set his mind on something”

My little uncle was silent.

Then that night, Jing Tian did return home.

Lin Ran immediately exposed the whole conversation to Jing Tian.

Jing Tian turned to my little uncle.

My little uncle huffed.

“Thats right, I was talking about you! Dont you ever have any ideas about our Nanxing!”

Jing Tian looked with me expressionlessly, which made me extremely anxious.

“Little uncle, you worry too much.

Teacher is only helping me with my homework.

With his help, I am sure I can be one of the top 10 students in school by the end of the semester!” I said.

My little uncle was pleased.

“Really Honestly, if not for your improving grades, I would have taken this man and thrown him out the door a long time ago.”

Jing Tian challenged plainly, “How about you try that now”

My little uncle immediately stood up and rolled up his sleeves.

“Do you really think Im afraid of you”

Lin Ran clapped and cheered.

“I do enjoy a fight that I dont need to pay ticket for.

Itll be so exciting.” I was so angry that I kicked his ankle.

Ignoring Lin Ran who howled in pain, I rushed to stop my uncle.

I smiled obsequiously.

“Little uncle, little uncle, shall we go home Its already very late.”

My little uncle cracked his knuckles and nudged me to the side.

“Its alright.

A little brawl before bedtime always help me sleep better at night!”

With no other choice, I turned around to shoot a look at Jing Tian.


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