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Jing Ni couldnt bear it any longer.

She pulled Mai Qi back.

“Forget it.

Shes a patient.

We shouldnt bully her anymore.”

I tidied up my clothes and didnt provoke them again.

I only asked Mai Qi, “I really want to know how you took down my role model uncle.”

Jing Ni burst out laughing and looked at me approvingly.

Mai Qis face finally turned red, but she still put on a proud face and raised her chin high.

Under our extremely gossipy and inquisitive gazes, as well as the girls intention to show off her great achievements, Jing Ni and I were blessed with the tale.

I wasnt the only one who noticed Lin Huas attitude towards Mai Qi.

Apart from Mai Qi, who was slow to react, everyone could see it clearly.

As the person involved, my uncles intuition was even more sensitive.

Therefore, after the other person left, he put on a sour face.

Mai Qi had always been slow to react.

In this girls perception, she had long determined that Mr.

Tong Le was her life partner.

From then on, there would be no man in the world except for Mr.

Tong Le.

Lin Hua had a strong interest in Mai Qi, but unfortunately, Miss Mai Qi couldnt be less interested in him.

Mai Qi, who was slow to everything else, was very sharp when it came to Tong Le.

When it came to Tong Les emotions, she was as sensitive as a state-of-the-art detector, and she could accurately catch Mr.

Tong Les little mood changes.


So, she made the most suitable coffee for Mr.

Tong Les taste and went to Mr.

Tong Les study.

With just a few words, she coaxed out the thing troubling Tong Le.

Mai Qi was shocked.

She quickly assured Tong Le that she wasnt interested in that Lin dude.

My little uncle was also quite guilty.

After all, he was the one being jealous for no reason.

But Mai Qi latched onto this point.

She threw herself into Tong Les arms with her eyes full of stars, and she told him frankly, “Im quite happy that youre jealous.

Im so happy to know that you have me in your heart! Tong Le, you look so cute.

I love you to death.

What should I do! Tong Le, when will you marry me”

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Hearing these words, Jing Ni and I couldnt help but reach out to stroke the goosebumps on our skin.

But Miss Mai Qi said proudly, “You dont understand! Let me tell you.

You need to be straightforward to handle men like Tong Le.

He cant resist such a strong confession from me.

But, let me tell you, this is only the first step.

First, Ill move his heart, and then the next step…”

Jing Ni and I listened attentively.

As she kept us guessing, we couldnt help but urge, “Whats the next step Hurry up and tell us!”

Mai Qi gave a wicked smile.

“The next step is to force a kiss!”

Jing Ni and I were startled by her straightforwardness.

Seeing our doubtful expressions, Mai Qi said disdainfully, “I succeeded in the end, right Let me tell you.

Tong Le looks like hes experienced, but he has never kissed a woman and no woman dares to kiss him.

So, I have to thank him for being so chaste for the past 30 years! When I kissed him, he was completely dumbfounded and couldnt move!”

Mai Qi covered her mouth and smiled.

She was very happy.

“His lips were very soft.

He was scared stiff.

I gently licked his lips, and when he was shocked, I bit him.

Hehe, do you still want to hear the rest Its NSFW!”


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