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Ye Qian nodded.

“Yes, Ive seen it.

Its pretty good.

Tong Mo said that it was bought by Nanxings mother.

She wanted to give it to her brothers wife when he got married.”

Mai Qi stuck out her tongue.

“Why didnt she keep it for Nanxing”

Ye Qian smiled.

“Nanxing didnt exist back then.”

Jing Ni said, “Dont worry about Nanxing.

My uncle will prepare everything for her.

Besides, theres also Grandma Lan.

Shes getting better and better every day.

When Nanxings wedding day is here, they will bury her with rare treasures.”

Mai Qi nodded.

“That makes sense.

Does a woman like to start collecting gems when she has a child, especially a daughter”

Ye Qian smiled.

“This has nothing to do with children.

I like to collect shiny things too.”

Mai Qi immediately said, “Then Ill give you that tiara.

After all, youre also the daughter-in-law of the Tong family.”

Ye Qian shook her head.

“No, thats yours.”

Jing Ni said to Mai Qi, “Dont worry about her.

Master San wont let her lose out on anything in the future.”

Ye Qian smiled a little embarrassedly.

Seeing that the atmosphere was good, Jing Ni said softly, “Mai Qi, your brother told me to tell you that your parents will come to watch the ceremony, but they wont see outsiders.”

Tears flashed through Mai Qis eyes.

“Thats already good enough.”

Jing Ni quickly changed the topic.

“Tong Le will still go to see your father.

No matter what, he has to pass this test.

But with your brother there, you dont need to worry about their objections.

This is just a formality.

Prepare to be a beautiful bride.”

Mai Qi raised her chin proudly.

“Hmph! If he doesnt agree, I break off my relationship as her daughter!”

Jing Ni patted her head.


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Ye Qian looked at them laughing and suddenly noticed me.

“Nanxing What are you doing”

I raised my hand.

“Its fine.

Im listening.

Mai Qis only talking.

She wont really break off the relationship with her dad.”

My fingers flew like lightning on the keyboard.

This made the three of them walk over curiously.

“What are you doing” Mai Qi asked curiously.

I pressed the enter key and looked up.

“Finding a challenge and having a fight.”

“With who” Mai Qi asked.

I handed the computer to them.

“Ive checked Jing Yans schedule.

I plan to meet her.

Ive left messages in her circles that Id teach her a lesson.

I believe shell be as angry as a pufferfish when she sees me.

I feel like dealing with her before Mai Qis wedding as a little entertainment.

What do you think”

Mai Qis eyes lit up.

“No problem, very good! Lets go.

What are we waiting for Hurry up and find some fun for me! If Nanxing didnt take this revenge, I wouldnt be able to sleep either!”

Ye Qian took the laptop from my hand and flipped through it, giving it back to me without saying anything.

I pulled her back.

“Dont be a good person.

I want this fight.”

Ye Qian was very capable.

If she wanted to deal with Jing Yan, she would just have to move her fingers.

But that wouldnt be much fun.

Jing Ni took a look at my computer.

“I heard that eldest uncle has arranged a marriage for her.

Hes the youngest son of the Tian familys fourth branch.

Both of them are as proud and arrogant as each other.”

I nodded.

“Ive found out about that young master Tian.

He has other female partners who are close to him.”

Jing Ni sneered.

“How can my eldest cousin endure this It seems that this marriage has brought her many benefits.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have endured this.”


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