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I blinked.

“Its so cruel to ask Miss Jing Yan to swallow her pride! Shouldnt we, the kind-hearted people, lend a hand”

Mai Qi and Jing Ni nodded.

Mai Qi snapped her fingers.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Ye Qian shook her head and sighed.

“Be careful.

Dont hurt yourself.”

I patted her shoulder.

“Dont worry.

Well take good care of ourselves.

Do you want to join in She sees you as a thorn in her side and wants you dead.”

Ye Qian shook her head.

“I think Ill pass.”

I thought about it.


If you join in, well win unfairly.

It doesnt matter, cousin-in-law.

Well definitely take revenge on your behalf.

You can rest and help Mai Qi prepare for the wedding.”

Ye Qian smiled and shook her head.


Everyone would experience different levels of growth after experiencing certain things.

For example, Ye Qian had gone through a lot and found her home.

She became calm and indifferent.

She stopped taking many people and matters to heart.

However, there were also some people who wouldnt grow, no matter how many years had passed.

For example, Jing Yan.

The reputation of the Jing family had been suffering lately.

First, they befriended the powerful and influential in the capital for the sake of earning more power.

Then, the incident about Jing Ning was exposed.

If it were not for Old Master Jings painstaking efforts to support the Jing family and Jing Tians support to the Jing Family, the Jing family would have long fallen.

It was a pity that the quality of the descendants of the Jing family was really worrisome.

They had to deal with bad apples like Jing Yan and Jing Ning.

The eldest brother of the Jing family still hadnt given up on competing with Jing Tian.

He didnt have other abilities, so he used his children as tools to marry them off to gain more power.

However, the other powerful and aristocratic families could see the future prospects of the Jing Family and were unwilling to fall with them.

Therefore, the eldest brother had no choice but to turn to the nouveau riche.

Yet, Jing Yan still felt that she was marrying down.

She was arrogant and smug.

Her fiancé, Tian Cheng, did not care about this princess.

He was the second generation of the nouveau riche.

His life was just starting.

Why would he be tied down by a wife

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I was a kind person.

Jing Yan treated me badly and wanted me dead.

However, I was good to her.

Her fiancé was such a playboy.

How could someone as kind as me not let her know

The three of us sisters had disappeared for so many years.

Now that we were back together, we were about to go out and stir up some trouble.

We investigated the clubhouses that Jing Yan frequented.

We appeared casually.

When Jing Yan saw me, she had an expression as if she had seen a ghost.

I had a good upbringing and was warm and polite.

I greeted her with everyone watching, “Sister Jing Yan, long time no see! Ive come specially to see you!”

Jing Yans expression could be described as colorful.

Nanyang, Tian Tian, and the others were no longer around her.

Things had really changed.

Who would still remember Miss Nanyang now Unfortunately, no matter how miserable Nanyang was back then, the important players had all forgotten about her.

Someone immediately asked, “Who is this”

Another boy whistled, “Yo, such a beautiful woman.”

Jing Yans face immediately darkened, and she said sternly, “What are you guys doing here I booked the entire place today.

Wheres the manager Chase these irrelevant people out!”

She raised her voice to call someone over.


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