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A middle-aged man walked over quickly.

Jing Yan said arrogantly, “Manager Yang, Ive booked this venue today.

All the expenses will be on me.

However, these three are trespassers.

No irrelevant people are allowed in my party!”

Manager Yang looked embarrassed and turned to look at Mai Qi.

Mai Qi said slowly, “Im sorry, manager Yang to put you in this position.”

Jing Yan glared at Mai Qi.

She still had some misgivings about Mai Qi.

After all, this person had an extraordinary status.

Jing Yan couldnt afford to offend her.

“What do you mean” Jing Yan asked Mai Qi in a low voice.

Mai Qi smiled.

“Sister Jing Yan, Im the future madam boss of this club.

Do you think manager Yang will dare to chase me away”

“You…” Jing Yan glared at Mai Qi and turned to me.

I smiled at her.

“Whats wrong, sister We havent seen each other for many years.

Shouldnt you give us some face in front of your many friends” I raised my voice.

“Were old acquaintances of sister Jing Yan.

Since were all friends of Sister Jing Yan, Ill treat you all tonight.

Lets enjoy ourselves to the fullest! Dont be polite!”

The good thing about nightclub friends is that no one cares about your feelings.

They were only taking advantage of you.

So, when the people around Jing Yan heard this, they immediately shouted and scattered toward the bar counter.

Mai Qi waved to manager Yang to handle the customers.

Therefore, Jing Yan only had a few soldiers around her.

Mai Qi and I grabbed Jing Yan from both sides and pushed her onto the sofa.

“Sister Jing Yan, lets catch up.”

Jing Ni sat across from us and watched coldly.

This child was more vengeful than I was.

She never forgave Jing Yan for what she did to her, but she knew the bigger picture.

She knew that Mai Qi and I wanted to have fun, so she didnt interfere.

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I took out a capsule and put it in the cup in front of Jing Yan.

I turned around and smiled at her.

“Sister Jing Yan, this medicine was found on the maid you sent.

I didnt expect her to bring extra portions.

She was probably afraid that I wouldnt die.

She didnt get the chance to use everything.

Its not good to waste these precious things, so I brought them back to you.

You should try it.”

Jing Yans face was as white as a sheet of paper under the dim light.

I brought the cup to her lips.

“Come, Ill feed you!”

Jing Yan turned her head to the side and pushed me.


Mai Qi stopped her.

I poured more than half of the water into her mouth, and a part of it spilled on her clothes because she struggled.

“Tsk, tsk! These clothes arent cheap, are they Theyre dirty now.

Its fine.

Ill get someone to send you something better tomorrow,” I said as I placed the cup back on the coffee table.

Jing Yan didnt care about anything else.

She reached out to scratch her throat and pushed Mai Qi and me aside.

He wanted to run to the bathroom, but Jing Ni kicked her back onto the sofa.

Jing Yan clutched his stomach and collapsed on the sofa, gasping.

“Did… you just poison me”

I looked at her twisted face from the pain.

I said, “Sister, what are you saying This is what you sent your servant to put in my tea.

Im just returning it to you.

Is it poison But why am I fine Yes, it was a little painful, but it was a precious experience.

I wanted to share it with Sister.

I cant have all the good things to myself, right”

Jing Yans eyes were about to spit fire.


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