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Another girl berated me.

“But the fact that youre fine now means that you have the antidote.

Why dont you give it to her Do you want to watch her die”

Mai Qi flew into a rage.

She was about to speak when I stopped her.

I failed to stop Jing Ni, who was sitting to the side.

She said lightly, “Little girl, dont go around trying to be Buddha.

Just because the person in front of you is suffering doesnt mean that she doesnt deserve it.”

“No matter what, we cant just stand by and watch a person die.

If she is guilty, the law will judge her.

Its not something we can judge,” the girl said angrily.

I raised my hand to stop Jing Ni and sat down at the side.

I took a glance at Jing Yan, whose face had already turned pale, “Im very sorry.

Im not a doctor and dont follow the oath.

As for the antidote, just because Im alive doesnt mean that I have the antidote.

So, please dont pin the blame on me.

Sister Jing Yan, the pain hasnt been alleviated, right My condition is still the same.

Tell me who gave you the poison.

Only after that can we have a real discussion.

If you dont tell me, then Ill leave.”

I made a gesture to get up.

Jing Yan was anxious.


I smiled and sat down again.

“Im here.

Has Sister Jing Yan thought it through”

Before Jing Yan could say anything, the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard.

“Lin Mei”

Ah, someone else came.

But this time, I knew the new arrival.

Lin Nan!

Our eyes met, and we were all stunned.

“Miss Nanxing” She was surprised.

I smiled, but before I could say anything, the girl called Lin Mei said anxiously, “Sixth sister, quickly come and see if this young lady is poisoned.

Weve already given her the needle, but the pain hasnt been alleviated.

We cant force the poison out either.”

Lin Nan didnt have time to talk to me.

She quickly went forward to take Jing Yans pulse and asked in a low voice about the situation.

She took Lin Lius silver needle.

Jing Yans breathing calmed down.

“Sixth sister is amazing!” The two girls were delighted.

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Lin Nans face darkened.

She took Jing Yans pulse again, then slowly stood up and looked at me.

“Miss Nanxing, please save her.”

The two girls beside her were stunned and whispered, “Sixth sister, this woman is very overbearing.

She has been watching the show from the side.”

Lin Nan lowered her head and looked at Jing Yan.

She looked up at me calmly.

“If Im not wrong, Miss Nanxing was also poisoned by this poison a few days ago.

I heard my cousin mention that Miss Nanxing was able to save yourself.

Why dont you lend a hand”

I looked at Lin Nan.

She was very beautiful.

The people around me were all beauties, even Auntie Bai Rui and Auntie Lan.

I thought I had seen all the beauties in the world.

However, Lin Nan was very beautiful.

The aura on her made her shine everywhere and made everyone notice her.

Her beauty was just right.

Her facial features were exquisite, and there was nothing that wasnt beautiful.

She was a masterpiece that was exquisitely carved.

However, her temperament was cold yet gentle.

Anyone who stood in front of her couldnt help but sigh:How could there be such a perfect person in this world

When such a perfect person made a request, it would be reasonable.

Everyone looked at me with condemnation.

It was a pity that I was Nanxing, a person from hell.

I had never been an angel.

I shifted my gaze from Lin Nan to Jing Yan and said slowly, “Sister Jing Yan, I just want to know who gave you this poison.

This request isnt too much, right”


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