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I swept my gaze across the entire area.

I said in a clear voice, “Sister Jing Yan, you should have said so earlier.

Why would you want to suffer unnecessarily Poisoning me wont have any effect.

If you want me to die, you should have chosen assassination.”

Jing Yan said hatefully, “Who doesnt know that you have heavy security around you”

I smiled.

“Then, why would you dare to poison me”

Lin Nan reminded softly, “Miss Nanxing, if you dont make a move, she will die.”

I turned to look at her with a sweet smile.

“She wont die so soon.

Or Dr.

Lin, are you that anxious to witness Phoenix Blood at work”

Lin Nan was expressionless.

I asked for a small dagger from Mai Qi and gently cut my index finger.

There was a golden liquid on the split of my skin, but it did not flow out.

I deliberately let Lin Nan see it.

Sure enough, her eyes lit up.

I smiled at her.

“Doctor Lin, please help me.

Tell sister Jing Yan not to move and feed her my blood.”

Lin Nan did not say a word.

She went forward to support Jing Yan and whispered something.

Jing Yan obediently did not move.

I went forward and squeezed my blood into Jing Yans mouth.

“Sister Jing Yan, I really did not expect you to drink human blood one day.

Sigh! I thought you were the eldest daughter of the Jing family, yet youve fallen into such a state.

Its truly a pity.”

After receiving Lin Nans warning, Jing Yan didnt speak and had to allow me tobully her.

The blood seeped into Jing Yans lips and teeth.

Lin Nan added a few needles.

I withdrew my hand.

Jing Ni immediately passed me a band-aid.

Jing Yan looked at me anxiously, and I smiled.

“It wont work so fast.

Dont you know that you have to pay the price for harming others The price you paid this time isnt small.

It hurts, right I hope youll remember this pain for the rest of your life.

If you still have the chance to see Li Yang, you can tell him that Nanxing wont let him off.”

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Lin Nan checked Jing Yans pulse.

I know that Lin Nan was completely immersed in her research world.

Her two younger sisters, on the other hand, looked at me in bewilderment, then at Jing Ni, then at Lin Nan.

Jing Yans expression gradually relaxed, and her pain seemed to have eased up a lot.

She didnt dare to offend me, so she looked at Jing Ni, who was standing silently at the side, and said hatefully, “Youre a traitor.

Youll have bad karma and die a horrible death.

Ill definitely make you pay for this!”

Her voice was as hoarse as an old crows.

Jing Ni was startled.

She didnt expect Jing Yan to come at her.

When she understood what was going on, she couldnt help but take a step forward and rush over.

Mai Qi pulled her back and blocked her behind her.

She smiled and went up to her.

“Oh, sister Jing Yan, I see that youre not paying attention when we were catching up earlier.

“Weve been apart for so many years, and I really have a lot to tell you.

Jing Ni was kicked out of your family.

Fortunately, her uncle Jing Tian adopted her.

Her life was much better than when she was with your family.

Later, she met my brother, who fell in love with Jing Ni at first sight and pursued her for many years!

“His efforts have paid off.

Recently, Jing Ni finally agreed to marry my brother.

So, Jing Ni is my future sister-in-law! Isnt that perfect Is that the karma you mentioned I hope itll visit us more often!”

Jing Yan rolled her eyes and almost fainted.

Lin Nan was quick-witted and saved her.


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