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Jing Yan spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Lin Nan quickly applied a few more needles before she looked up at Mai Qi and said meaningfully, “Miss Mai Qi, thank you very much.

If you hadnt provoked her like this, Im afraid she wouldnt have spat out this mouthful of blood so easily.”

Mai Qi smiled brightly.

“I know.

Thats why I purposely said those things.

I have contributed to the effort of saving her life, right”

I was overjoyed.

Mai Qi would never disappoint.

Lin Nan wanted to blame Mai Qi, but she did not expect Mai Qi to go along with it.

The princess was being shameless.

Who could do anything to her

Lin Nan slowly stood up and smiled at Mai Qi.

She said slowly, “Miss Jing Yans life is saved all thanks to Miss Nanxings Phoenix Blood.

Miss Nanxing is very talented.

I believe that Miss Nanxing is willing to use her own blood to benefit the world!”

Damn it! She is really good at this.

I smiled.

“Doctor Lin, you flatter me.

I didnt do anything.

This is just a coincidence.

After all, sister Jing Yan was the one who poisoned me first.

It just so happens that I didnt die and also happened to save sister Jing Yan.”

Lin Nan smiled faintly and didnt seem to mind.

Footsteps came one after another.

The one who rushed to the front was a man with dyed yellow hair who was dressed fashionably.

He shouted loudly, “Jing Yan, Jing Yan, Jing Yan, who bullied you Who Fuck! Watch how Ill teach him a lesson! Who Who bullied my Jing Yan” That person rolled up his sleeves and waved his hands fiercely.

The two Lin sisters were pushed to the side by him without any courtesy.

Lin Nan stretched out her hand to support the two of them, but she was also knocked to my side.

I reached out to support them.

“Be careful.”

Our eyes met.

Lin Nan quickly stood up and said calmly, “Thank you.”

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I smiled and didnt say anything.

I focused on the man.

This was the Tian familys young master, Jing Yans fiancé, Tian Cheng.

When Tian Cheng saw Jing Yan, he was shocked.

Then, he saw the pool of blood on the ground, he quickly covered his nose and jumped to the side.

“Whats going on Why does it smell so bad Jing Yan, why are you like a hedgehog Who inserted so many needles into your body”

He turned around to look.

Following everyones gaze, he quickly locked onto his target.

He glared at Lin Nan.

“It was you, right What did you do”

I knew that Tian Cheng had a bad reputation, but I didnt expect him to be such a fool.

Mai Qi, Jing Ni, and I couldnt help but be surprised.

In the face of this rude accusation, Lin Nan didnt say anything and went forward to give Jing Yan the needles.

Tian Cheng was about to step forward to stop her, but Mai Qi and I quickly stepped forward to stop him.

Tian Cheng glared at us.

“What Dont think I wont hit women.”

Ive never seen such a scoundrel.

Mai Qo and I didnt move, but Tian Cheng took another step forward and glared at us.

Mai Qi and I were ready to attack.

Dealing with such a scoundrel was not a big problem for us.

However, before Tian Cheng could make a move, he was already sent flying and landed in a booth not far away.

The wine bottles and glasses on the small table in the booth fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Mai Qi and I covered our eyes before quickly opening them.

We had to see who was so righteous.

When we turned around, we saw Su Qians stern face.

Tian Cheng was sent flying by Su Qians kick.

He should be thankful that Su Qian didnt do more than that.


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