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“Su Qian, youre… so cool!” Mai Qi gave her a thumbs up.

Lin Nan had already started applying her needles.

She turned around and said softly, “Thank you.”

Mai Qi said, “Youre welcome, Dr.

Lin.” That was not meant for Mai Qi, but she liked to take advantage of people.

On the other side, Tian Cheng stood up while cursing.

His underlings helped him.

They rushed over.

The Lin Sisters expressions changed while Lin Nan forced herself to remain calm.

Su Qian jumped out of the crowd and stood in front of everyone.

This was nothing for her.

I glanced at Jing Yan and saw that she was already sitting up.

“Sister Jing Yan, why dont we have a big fight There are so many of you, so theres nothing to be afraid of, right”

Jing Yan glared at me fiercely and dragged out her sobbing voice.

“Tian Cheng, quickly come and help me up.”

Tian Cheng walked over while cursing.

“What Im telling you, none of you can leave! Im not done with you bitches yet!”

He helped Jing Yan up, and Jing Yan said with a sobbing voice, “Lets go.

Take me away from here.

I want to go home.”

Tian Cheng hesitated.

“I havent finished my fight yet!”

Jing Yan said anxiously, “Is the fight or am I more important”

Tian Cheng said frankly, “You cant ask such a pretentious question.

Although you are important, fighting is also important.

Wait a moment.

Wait until I finish this fight.”

As he said that, he pushed Jing Yan toward the brothers behind him and walked toward us.

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“Who did this Which one of you kicked me just now” He swept his fingers across our faces.

Su Qian grabbed his hand and threw him over her shoulder without any hesitation.

If the kick just now wasnt seen clearly by a few people, then this was a real-life performance.

Tian Cheng let out a loud ouch.

Su Qian placed a foot on his chest and said calmly, “I did it.

Do you have a problem with that”

Tian Cheng almost couldnt catch his breath.

He immediately begged for mercy, “No, no, no…”

Su Qian let go of her foot and looked at him with her hands behind her back.

“Get out of here right now.

Next time, keep your eyes open, and dont mess with people you shouldnt mess with.

Do you understand”

Tian Cheng got up and bowed.

“I understand, I understand.”

However, he rolled his eyes and asked, “May I ask, miss, where are you from So that Id know to avoid it next time.”

Su Qian smiled, and so did the three of us.

This kid was quite sneaky.

He was trying to find out Su Qians background so he could take revenge.

Su Qian thought for a moment.

“Sky City, Su Qian, if you want to fight some more, well be waiting for you anytime.”

Unexpectedly, Tian Cheng immediately stood up and said proudly, “Alright, Ill remember that.

Ill talk to your boss!”

With that, he turned around, waved his hand, and left.

From his proud back, it was impossible to tell that he had just taken a beating.

It was as if he had hit someone and left in triumph.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni looked at each other and asked Su Qian and me, “Who is Sky Citys boss”

Su Qian looked at me with a smile.

I shrugged.

“Sky Citys boss said that she doesnt know either.”

We couldnt help but laugh, but Lin Nan and the others were confused.

Lin Nan stepped forward with a straight face.

“Nanxing, thank you for saving us just now.”

I smiled.

She had changed from “Miss Nanxing” to “Nanxing.”

“Doctor Lin, you were the one who saved Jing Yan.

However, it seems that the person who was saved didnt appreciate your kindness!” Jing Yan didnt even look at us when she left.

Lin Nans expression didnt change.

“I didnt save her to ask for any appreciation.”

Alright, I was being small-minded then.


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