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Lin Nans goal had been achieved.

The Phoenix blood incident caused a stir.

Everyone knew that I was a monster who had blood that could detoxify all poisons.

I couldnt understand Lin Nans intention in publicizing this matter.

I couldnt care less because Auntie Lan wanted to see me.

Auntie Lan hadnt been in good spirits ever since she woke up.

Old Master Jing personally stood by her bed and didnt allow us to disturb her.

Only Auntie Bai Rui was allowed to tend to them.

With Mr.

Li around, we didnt need to worry about Auntie Lans health.

Unexpectedly, after Auntie Lans body recovered, the first thing she wanted to do was to see me.

She looked pretty good.

I walked to the bedside and held her hand.

“Auntie Lan.”

Auntie Lan smiled and looked at me with some greed.

“Sigh, I was really worried that I wont be able to see you again.”

She glanced at Old Master Jing, who was sitting at the side reading a book with his reading glasses.

“Im a blessed person.

My sons and daughters-in-law are all filial.”

I placed her hand on the side of my face and looked at her with a silly smile.

Old Master Jing took off his reading glasses and said with a gentle smile, “Then you should get well soon.

Well hold a grand wedding for them!”

Auntie Lan pinched my face.


I held her hand.

“You should get well soon.

Youll be very busy.

My little uncle is going to marry Mai Qi.

Youre an elder, so you have to help us hold the ceremony.

Theres no other candidate.

Mai Qis father is such a big shot.

But theres no one in my family.

Cousin Mo and I are both juniors.

When the time comes, you will have to represent us!”

Auntie Lan laughed.

“Girl, you are always busy with these things.”

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We chatted for a while, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Suddenly, Auntie Lans smile gradually disappeared.

“Nanxing, youve met Xiao Zhi, right”

I nodded slightly.

I knew that Auntie Lan was going to talk about serious matters.

“She and I have some grudges that need to be settled.

She came looking for me, but I didnt think shed poison me.

All of you knew that this was her doing, right” Auntie Lan asked.

I nodded.

“Yes, I had my suspicions.

At that time, we had all retreated from the island together.

It must have been someone on the island who would use a poison like this.”

Auntie Lan sighed softly.

“Xiao Zhi and I share one life.”

I looked at Auntie Lan in surprise.

“What does that mean”

Auntie Lan continued, “Were twins.

Theres an ancient custom where twins are unlucky.

One must be sent away.

Being sent away is not being sent into foster care.

The abandoned one was left to fend for oneself.

Xiao Zhi was the one who was sent away.”

This was the first time I had heard of such a cruel custom.

“Xiao Zhi was picked up by a foreign couple and adopted.

So, she survived.

When she was 16, she came back and questioned why my parents abandoned her instead of me,” Auntie Lan stated calmly.

This wasnt like Xiao Zhi but more like Princess Angels way of thinking.

“And then Did your parents feel sorry for her But they had no choice, right “I asked softly.

Auntie Lan shook her head.

“When you become a parent one day, youll know how my parents feel.

They did feel sorry for Xiao Zhi, and I had dominated their love for more than a decade, so they made a decision.”

Auntie Lan stopped, and a bad feeling rose in my heart.


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