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My heart skipped a beat.

I closed my eyes and focused.

Sure enough, I could see a wet trail that extended into the darkness ahead.

I calmed my breathing and followed the trail.

I tried my best to tread lightly.

After all, this unknown darkness was very dangerous.

I had no idea what was ahead.

I didnt know how long I walked, but I suddenly felt that there were changes to the walls.

I felt marks left behind by tools.

I stopped.

In this kind of darkness, my hearing would be better than my vision.

I closed my eyes and focused on my senses.

After I unlocked Phoenix Blood my five senses became more sensitive.

“Lin Nan, think carefully.

He doesnt love you.

He has someone he loves.

Dont you already know their story With your conditions, you can easily find someone better.

Why must you want him”

“Fourth brother, I only want him, no matter the cost!”

I couldnt help but feel a chill in my heart.

This was Lin Nan and Lin Hua.

Then who was the “Him” that Lin Nan was talking about

Lin Nan spoke again.

“Fourth brother, do you know the feeling of love at first sight Ever since I met him, my heart was no longer mine.

Ive never felt this way towards any man, so Im certain that he is mine.

Other than him, I dont want anyone else!”

Lin Nans voice was very firm, but the content was really shameless.

Lin Hua sighed.

“Lin Nan, why bother Its just a man.

Do you think hes more important or phoenix blood Our Lin family has been practicing medicine for generations.

Weve been diligent.

Now that weve encountered Phoenix Blood, many of our problems can be solved.

Dont you forget that phoenix blood is our most important goal”

“Fourth brother, this doesnt conflict at all! I want Phoenix Blood, and I also want this man!”

Lin Nans words were calm and natural.

I really didnt expect that dignified and elegant woman to be so shameless!


No! My heart suddenly became alert.

Didnt Lin Nan take an arrow for me Why did she sound so fine

I felt guilty earlier for implicating her, but this was a conspiracy all along.

And the man Lin Nan coveted… It had to be Jing Tian!

My heart pounded wildly.

‘Jing Tian was taken away by them!

Lin Hua said helplessly, “Alright, Lin Nan, since youve thought it through, I wont stop you.

Ive drugged him.

If he didnt have sex with a woman today, hed be crippled.

I hope you wont regret this.”

“Dont worry, fourth brother.

I know what Im doing.

Fourth brother, dont worry.

Ill get you the Phoenix Blood.

With Jing Tian in my hands, I wont have to worry about the phoenix blood not being obedient.

This underground cave is enough for her to walk for a year.

When Im done with Jing Tian, Ill be able to subdue her.

When that time comes, I only want Jing Tian.

I wont touch the Phoenix Blood!”The confidence and pride in Lin Nans voice made my lungs explode!

“Alright, Im not a woman.

I cant understand your thoughts.

Why are you so obsessed with a man But it doesnt matter as long as youre happy.

I cant give you much as your elder brother, so Ill give you this man.

His drug is about to act up soon.

Ill leave and wait for your good news!” Lin Hua said as he walked away.

The sound of his footsteps traveled in another direction.

It seemed that there was an exit there.

Lin Nan was left behind with Jing Tian.

I have to save Jing Tian.

This damn woman! She actually dared to drug Jing Tian.

She was really shameless.

I was so angry that my entire body was trembling.


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