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Jing Tian came back to his senses.

He hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, “Nanxing, Im sorry.”

I understood what he meant.

“What do you mean Dont you want me” I asked angrily

Jing Tian said hurriedly, “No, no.

I just feel that youve been wronged.

I originally wanted to give you a grand weddingand let everyone witness our happiness.

But I didnt expect it to be like this…”

I turned around and faced him.

I said earnestly, “I dont want to wait any longer.

I dont care about any grand wedding.

What I care about is the fact that we havent gotten married yet.

And how could that girl say that were not fated Hmph!”

Jing Tian smiled.

He reached out his hand to tidy up the messy hair on my forehead and kissed it lightly.

“Nanxing, I love you forever! Well never be separated.”

I leaned over and pecked his lips lightly.

“Its a deal!”

We couldnt linger in someone elses territory.

We hadnt found Jing Ni, Mai Qi, and the others yet.

We were now certain that this matter was related to the Lin family, and we were now trapped in the Lin family.

We didnt expect that this famous family would be so unscrupulous.

This was truly an eye-opener for me.

Jing Tian hugged me.

“Nanxing, follow behind me.

Dont rush in.”

I raised my head and smiled.

“Alright! I like being protected by you.”

But in reality, the blood in my body was pumping.

I knew that my current fighting strength was off the charts, but it felt nice being protected by Jing Tian.

We grabbed two iron rods as weapons.

“Why would they use cold weapons instead of guns This is very strange.” The iron rod felt light in my hands.

“I guess it sets them apart In any case, their people are very well-trained.” Jing Tian said.

It made sense.

Lin Nans personality seemed very kind, but she was actually a scheming demon.

She was in fact very unique.

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Jing Tian opened the door.

It was quiet in the corridor.

He listened attentively and heard a faint moan of joy coming from the other side of the door.

It seemed that Lin Nan wasnt done yet.

I sneered.

I was glad that at least she was having the time of her life.

Jing Tian revealed a puzzled expression.

He glanced at me.

I nodded my head guiltily and admitted that I was the one who did it.

Jing Tian glanced at the door expressionlessly.

He blocked me behind him and headed toward one side of the corridor.

Since we were underground, it didnt matter which direction we chose.

It was all a gamble.

As I focused my mind, I felt that my hearing had become more sensitive.

I nudged Jing Tian and pointed at a door in front of me.

I made a hand gesture and told him that there were at least five people in that room.

Jing Tian gripped the iron rod in his hand tightly.

As he walked to the door, the door suddenly opened from the inside.

Jing Tian swung his iron rod without hesitation.

Before the person coming out could react, he was knocked unconscious by Jing Tians rod and fell to the ground.

I kicked open the door and took the lead to attack the others.

I was fast, accurate, and ruthless!

Jing Tians coordination was perfect.

We ended the fight in one minute.

Looking at the person lying on the ground, Jing Tian said helplessly, “Nanxing, we agreed not to act rashly.

And stay behind me!”

I chuckled.

“I couldnt help it.

Ill be obedient next time.”

Jing Tian sighed again.


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