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This was the security room.

There were a few crossbows hanging on the wall and a few quivers of arrows on the ground.

I took a crossbow out of curiosity to have a look.

Jing Tian took out an arrow.

I hurriedly said, “Be careful of the poison on the arrow!”

Jing Tian sniffed the tip of the arrow and handed it to me.

“It doesnt seem to be poisonous.”

I took it and sniffed it.

I suddenly realized, “That means that Lin Nan has set up the whole trap.

She wasnt poisoned when she was shot! She took the shot on purpose.

And I was feeling guilty because she took a shot for me.

Sheesh.” I thought about it again.

“But what is she after”

“Phoenix Blood,” Jing Tian said indifferently.

I raised my eyebrows.


Jing Tian said, “She knew that if she were poisoned, you wouldnt sit idly by and do nothing.

Youll definitely use the Phoenix Blood to save her.

That way, there will be traces of the Phoenix blood in her body.

After that, she will leave you as soon as possible.

Thats why when you turned away from her, she was gone.

She was just pretending.”

I really admired her!

“She sacrificed herself just to get my blood! Who would have thought of something like that What if I didnt save her Jing Ni and Mai Qi actually stopped me from saving her.”

Jing Tian said, “She was certain that you would save her.

She gambled on your kindness.

If she lost the bet, she would have been able to heal herself since she wasnt really poisoned.

Overall, she had nothing to lose.

Plus, she had won the bet.”

I felt that Jing Tians analysis was right.

Lin Nan wasnt a simple woman.

“Now, we have to find Jing Ni and Mai Qi and leave this place to meet up with Tong Le and the others.”Jing Tian threw the arrow back.

I quickly took the arrow from me.

“Ill keep one as a souvenir.”

Then, I pulled Jing Tian out of the room.

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As soon as we stepped out of the door, we saw the guards swarming us.

There was nothing to say, so we could only fight.

Jing Tian and I fought back to back.

We had a tacit understanding of each other.

There were too many of them.

Even with the two of us, it was a lot to handle.

Fortunately, we finally saw the entrance.

If we worked a little bit harder, we would be able to rush to the door.

We couldnt help but feel energized.

“Nanxing, if you dont want your friend to die, then stop!” Lin Nans exasperated voice suddenly sounded.

I couldnt help but be startled.

Following that, I saw Jing Ni and Mai Qi appear at the entrance.

The two of them were unconscious and were being held by someone.

I obediently stopped.

Lin Nan slowly walked out from another direction.

Her face was cold, and her clothes had changed.

This was really her territory.

She even had the time to go change.

Lin Nans face was tense.

She looked at me with a gaze that was about to spit fire.

“Nanxing, you better be obedient.

Otherwise, dont blame me for hurting them.”

I nodded.

“Ive learned my lesson.

Whether Im obedient or not, you dont intend to let us anyway.

Just tell me.

What do you want to let us go”

Since we had already fallen out, we should speak frankly.

I really hated the Lin familys sanctimonious attitude.

Fortunately, Lin Nan didnt continue pretending.

She looked at me and said slowly, “I want your Phoenix Blood.”

I pretended to be surprised.

“Havent I already given it to you Otherwise, wouldnt you have died from the poison Honestly, if I knew that you were such a scoundrel, I would have watched you die from the fake poison.

Its a pity that Im too young and inexperienced.

I dont know how to judge people.

Im unlucky.

However, why would you want the Phoenix Blood What can you do with it I advise you not to be too greedy.”


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