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When it came to pissing people off, I was an expert.

Lin Nans face was livid.

“Nanxing, Id advise you to be careful with your words.

Dont forget.

Your friends are still in my hands!”

I sneered.

“Lin Nan, Id advise you to know the situation.

If you dare to touch them, I can guarantee that the 18 generations of the Lin family will not be able to live in peace!”

Lin Nan glared at me.

“You should be the one to know the situation! If you know whats good for you, immediately draw your blood! Otherwise, I wont hold back!”

Her hand shook and Jing Ni, who was behind her, received a fierce whip.

Jing Nis clothes were immediately stained with blood.

“Youre crazy!” I didnt expect Lin Nan to be so vicious.

I cried out involuntarily.

Lin Nan snorted coldly.

“You forced me to do this! Ill pay you back double for what youve done to me! Nanxing, only one of us will live!”

I couldnt help but grit my teeth.

“Fine! Lin Nan, Ive never met anyone more shameless than you!

“In order to climb into Jing Tians bed, you didnt hesitate to drug him.

In order to obtain the Phoenix Blood, you used my friends to threaten me.

So this is how the famous Lin Family acts.

This is truly an eye-opener for me!”

Lin Nan glared at me coldly.

“This world is where the strong prey on the weak.

As long as I want it, itll be mine! Whats wrong with me trying my best to obtain what I want”

I actually had no way to refute this crazy logic.


By that logic, your guard also did his best to get you.

You are what he wanted.

He didnt need to consider your reputation and your feelings at all.

Thats what you mean, right” I retorted.

Lin Nan swung the whip at me.

“Im going to kill you!”

So the demoness has a sense of shame.

I believe Ive hit her sore spot.

I was about to receive the attack, but Jing Tian beat me to it.

Lin Nans whip wrapped around the iron rod in Jing Tians hand.

Jing Tian pulled hard, causing Lin Nans lower body to wobble as she flew toward us.

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Jing Tian sent Lin Nan flying with a kick.

She fell to the ground and didnt get up for a long time.

Her guards quickly surrounded her and guarded her.

I glanced at Jing Tian.

He really doesnt care that hes dealing with a woman.

Even a man might not be able to withstand this kick.

Jing Tian said coldly, “Ask the Master of the Lin family to come out.

I dont want to deal with small fries.

I swear in the name of the Ardent Flame Alliance that Ill bury the Lin family!”

I looked at Jing Tian in surprise.

Jing Tians expression was cold and fearless.

However, Lin Nan was also stubborn.

She climbed up with the help of the guards and said in a trembling voice, “Jing Tian, is she so important to you You even want to make an enemy of the Lin Family.

Do you know what youre doing”

Jing Tian couldnt be bothered with her.

He didnt even give her a glance or a single word.

I kindly reminded her, “Jing Tian said it clearly.

He wants to talk to the head of your family.

He swore on the Ardent Flame Alliance!”

Lin Nan didnt even look at me.

She only looked at Jing Tian with a sorrowful gaze.

“How am I inferior to her Tell me, how am I inferior What do you want Ill give it to you.

Whatever she can give you, Ill give it to you!”

Jing Tian was about to say something when I said with a smile, “How Havent you already given yourself to your guard”

“Nanxing!” Lin Nan was furious.

She endured the pain and lashed out with her whip again.

Jing Tian hugged me and pulled me away from the whiplash.

He said coldly, “Theres no comparison between you and her.

A strand of her hair is more precious than your life! Do you understand”

Lin Nan spat out a mouthful of blood.

She was so angry that she spat out blood! Jing Tian was amazing!


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