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Qu Hao looked at us, and I kindly pointed at Lin Nan.

Qu Hao waved his hand, and a cold light shot straight at Lin Nans right hand.

“Ah!” Lin Nan screamed, and her right hand was bleeding profusely.

She quickly covered her right hand with her left hand.

Lin Hua could not help but turn pale with fright.

He tore off the corner of Lin Nans skirt and wrapped it around her right hand.

In a deep voice, he said, “Go and find second brother to sew it up immediately!”

“Fourth brother…” Lin Nan called out in a trembling voice.


If you still want to be a doctor in the future, just do as I say!” Lin Huas face was as dark as ink.

Lin Nan gritted her teeth and softened her voice.

“Nanxing, if youre willing to treat my injuries with Phoenix Blood, I can apologize to you and your friends.”

“You dont have to!” Before I could say anything, Qu Hao was already standing behind me, looking coldly at the Lin siblings.

Lin Hua blocked Lin Nan behind him, and he cupped his fists at us.

“Everyone, the Lin family has been given false advice.

My Sister has done something wrong and almost made a huge mistake.

I hope that everyone can be magnanimous and forgive her for her recklessness.

Nanxing, your two friends have suffered.

We will come and apologize to you another day.”

Lin Hua bowed to us.

I couldnt help but take a step back.

I was still affected by his negotiation skill.

I thought for a moment that he was sincere.

However, Lin Hua suddenly added, “Miss Nanxing, a doctors duty is to save lives.

Youre the owner of the Phoenix Blood.

Your duty is even heavier than a doctors.

Healing people is your responsibility.

“I believe that Miss Nanxing isnt a heartless person.

My Sister has been practicing her medical skills since she was three years old.

She has saved many people.

Even if she has a thousand flaws, we shouldnt take away her ability to cure others, right So, Miss Nanxing, can you help her”

Lin Hua bowed to me again.

This bow was already ninety degrees.

His tactic was the same as Lin Nans.

They liked to use moral pressure.

He was the type of person that I hated the most.

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However, I felt that he was not without a point.

It would be a shame for the world to lose a great doctor like Lin Nan.

After all, the Lin familys medical skills were still trustworthy.

“Nanxing, theres no need to pay attention to them.

Just because shes skilled in medicine doesnt mean that she can do anything she wants.

Injuring her right half is my way of reminding her that!” Qu Hao said coldly.

Cousin Mo, who had always been like a shadow, suddenly walked over to my side.

He placed his hand gently on my shoulder and said gently, “Nanxing, why dont you help her so that we can get out as soon as possible” Qu Hao was about to say something when cousin Mo stopped him.

“We need to go back and treat Jing Nis injuries as soon as possible.”

Lin Hua hurriedly said, “The Lin family will take full responsibility for Miss Jing Nis injuries!”

Cousin Mo said indifferently, “Thats not necessary.

After all, the Lin family isnt the only one in the world that has a doctor.

We can still deal with these minor injuries.

Nanxing, give a tube of blood to the Lin family.

The Phoenix blood will treat the illness and save the patient.

We cant just sit by and do nothing.

The Tong family isnt willing to bear such a bad reputation.”

I turned to look at him.

Cousin Mos expression was calm, but his eyes were filled with pity as he looked at the Lin family members.

I extended my hand to the nearest guard.

“Bring me the tools.”

It was only a tube of blood.

I could still afford to waste it.

Cousin Mo must have his reasons for saying this.

I drew a tube of blood.

My heart suddenly moved.

I realized that my blood no longer had the faint yellow halo around it.

How strange! However, I did not think much about it.


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