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Lin Huas expression was quite interesting.

He was a crafty person, to begin with, and he was also very confident in himself.

He believed that he could handle all situations with ease.

He had never been in such a difficult situation since he was young.

In the living room, the air was cold, but Lin Hua kept wiping his tears.

My little uncle, Qu Hao, cousin Mo, and Jing Tian were all expressionless.

I stayed by Jing Tians side.

I could feel my little uncle and Cousin Mos sharp gazes as they glanced at Jing Tian.

Mister Li sat behind Jing Tian and me in a lazy and casual manner.

My little uncle had just finished dealing with his sweetheart and hadnt had the time to settle the score with Jing Tian.

However, it was obvious that he knew everything.

Cousin Mo was still the same as when he was young.

He was the best at manipulating the situation.

I had to take good care of my Jing Tian.

I couldnt let my family bully him.

Sigh! The problem was that even if my in-laws knew about it, they would side with me and lecture Jing Tian too.

“Nanxing…” Lin Hua finally spoke.

He chose the easiest target.

I straightened my back and looked at Lin Hua, waiting for him to continue.

He couldnt continue.

Thus, I asked a question to help him along.

“Doctor Lin, is the Phoenix Blood not enough”


Li couldnt hold it in and choked on a mouthful of water.

I turned around and sighed with concern, “Mr.

Li, are you alright Why did you suddenly choke on water”


Li glared at me with a face full of disdain.


I looked back at Lin Hua very calmly.

Lin Hua looked embarrassed and shook his head.

“No, no, no.

Its not that.”

I felt relieved, and I nodded.

“Thats good.

I thought you came here to draw some of my blood again! Its okay.

If you need it, you can come and take some at any time.

However, drawing blood is not pleasant.

I really dont like it! It makes me feel like such a lab rat.”

As I spoke, the men in my family picked up the teacups in front of them in unison.

They drank a mouthful of tea expressionlessly to calm themselves down!

They probably wanted to laugh.

However, it was undoubtedly impolite to laugh now.

So, they all took a sip of their tea.

However, Lin Hua was still Lin Hua.

He was extremely flexible in social situations.

“Cough!” He coughed lightly and looked at me.

“Nanxing, can you tell me what you did to my sister Her life is hanging by a thread now!” His tone wasnt as arrogant as before.

I looked at him in shock.

“Why is her life hanging by a thread Doctor Lin, you have to be clear about this.

When we left, Lin Nan was perfectly fine.

She could whip and scold people, and she was very lively.

If she were sick, she wouldnt have the chance to do the horrible things she did, right Doctor Lin, dont you agree”

Lin Hua lowered his head.

I sighed.

“If we didnt give you the Phoenix Blood, the Lin family probably wouldnt let us go that night, right Youre the one who publicly said that the Phoenix blood could cure all kinds of diseases.

The Tong Family was being magnanimous to give a sample of it to your sister.

“But it sounds like youre coming here to accuse us of committing a sin.

Your sisters life is hanging by a thread, but what does that have to do with me I didnt give her poison, did I I drew blood in front of everyone! You cant just throw around accusations as you like.

By the way, why is your sisters life hanging by a thread”

I tried my best to suppress the smile on my face!


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