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Under Lin Huas gaze, I had to be a little more serious.

Lin Hua was clearly confused as well.

He was at a loss.

“Lin Nan used your blood to smear on her wound.

She started to have a fever in the middle of the night.

Not only did her wound not bind, but it had also turned black and purulent.

By morning, she was already on her last breath.

So, Nanxing, let me ask you what exactly happened.” There was a hint of uncertainty in his tone.

I frowned.

“Previously, when she was shot by your guards arrows, I was the one who used my own blood to heal her wound.

The wound healed very quickly.

She knows this very well.”

I had never seen the power of my new blood.

Lin Nan could be considered the first experimental subject.

However, the toxicity was just so-so.

She only started to have a fever in the middle of the night, so the effect was not that great.

Lin Hua nodded.

“Yes, I know.

Its possible that its because your phoenix blood remains in her body that she was able to delay the effects of the poison until now.”

It made sense.

No wonder he was a doctor.

It wasnt that my blood wasnt poisonous enough.

It was because Lin Nan already had my Phoenix Blood in her body.

It must be torture for Lin Nan to suffer and be saved by the same thing.

I sympathized with them.

“Ah, so thats how it is.

Then what should we do”

Lin Hua was very sincere.

“So, I came to ask all of you.

I want to see if youve encountered a similar situation or if theres a solution.”

What an arrogant and shameless question!

I hurriedly shook my head.

“You are the doctor.

And your family is all doctors.

If you dont have a solution, how could you Havent you all been researching Phoenix Blood Why Dont you have any insights”

Lin Hua finally reacted.

With a bitter smile, he said, “Nanxing, were really sincere in wanting to cooperate.

We really dont have any other intentions.

The Lin family has been doctors for generations, and we hold the belief in saving the common people.

Our deeds can be traced back to a few hundred years ago.

Please believe us.

We really only want to save more lives, and were not fishing for fame or money.

We wont treat you as a lab rat.

Were sincere.

Please believe us.”

I looked at him and asked patiently, “Doctor Lin, tell me one thing.

The Lin Family hosted the party, right So it was the Lin Family who provided the guards with the bows and crossbows, right Dont tell me that its not true.

“Also, since the Lin Family only wants to save the common people, can you explain to me the existence of the underground torture chambers Yes, you can say that it has been left behind by the previous generation.

However, from what Ive seen, your generation is still using it.

The latest use is to trap me and to hunt a man for Miss Lin Nan.”

Lin Huas face turned red.


I didnt give him a chance to speak.

“Could Lin Nan have utilized the underground chambers without the permission of the family I dont quite believe it.

Perhaps Lin Nan is favored, and she can do whatever she wants.

“But, when Doctor Lin saw that Jing Tian was plotted against and was drugged by Lin Nan and tied to the bed, you didnt think of letting him go.

Do you still remember what you said at that time

“You only warned your sister that Master Qi is not worth it.

Thats all.

You never thought of letting him go.

What does that mean It means that this incident was organized and planned from the very beginning.

Am I right”


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