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Lin Hua hurriedly said, “Nanxing, I think theres a misunderstanding here.”

“Theres no misunderstanding, doctor Lin!” I interrupted Lin Huas words with a cold expression.

“The Lin family is so fearless because you believe you already have the Phoenix Blood, right You have captured me and would threaten me with my friends.

Lin Nan has her eyes on Jing Tian.

What about you I believe you have your eyes on Mai Qi.

“Youre after Mai Qis background.

If everything had gone according to plan, the Lin family would be the biggest beneficiary.

Youll announce to the world that the Lin family has suffered a terrorist attack, and they were targeting Master Si and Master Qi, right

“The Lin family has always had a good reputation.

Master San and Master Qis reputations are not as squeaky clean.

Therefore, this story has a high degree of credibility!”

Lin Huas expression gradually changed, and the sweat on his forehead poured.

“When the public opinion has calmed down, you will naturally have a lot of ways to deal with me.

How about Ill give you an example You can make me lose my memory and tell me that I have a terminal illness.

That way, you can openly draw my blood every day.

“As for Jing Tian.

Your sister is well-known for her kind heart.

The people will pressure Jing Tian into marrying her.

The marriage between the Lin and Jing families will aid the Lin Family.

“Doctor Lin, your ambition is not small either.

Once you win over Mai Qis heart, her background will help you soar in the world.

Youll be unsurpassed.

As for the rest of us… What do our lives matter to you In fact, Im sure you would be happier to see us die.

“However, you have overlooked Tong Mo and Qu Hao.

You have underestimated their strength and courage.

You didnt think that they would really dare to blow up the Lin familys ancestral residence.

And so the initiative fell from your hands and into ours.”

I went straight to the point and told them the entire matter.

I raised my arm, and the needle holes on it were almost invisible.

“Lin Nan was eager to get the Phoenix Blood, so she was even willing to injure herself.

She wanted to personally test the power of the Phoenix blood and verify whether it was true or not.

However, after I saved her, it only aroused her greed even more.

She wants both Jing Tian and me.

Her appetite is really big.

Shes the most shameless person Ive ever met.

Im amazed.”

“Nanxing, youve really misunderstood!” Lin Hua wiped the sweat from his forehead.

His voice obviously became softer.

“Is it really a misunderstanding” I said lightly.

“Doctor Lin, what details that I get wrong Moreover, I have the facts to prove it.

Can you provide the evidence to prove that I am wrong”

I suddenly thought of the main topic.

“Oh, thats right.

We havent talked about Lin Nan being poisoned.

This has nothing to do with me.

Do you want to know what kind of poison she was poisoned by Doctor Lin, you have succeeded and failed because of the Phoenix Blood.

You have gotten what you wanted, so whats there to complain about

“Lin Nan was saved twice by the Phoenix Blood.

Maybe she got too greedy No one knows the real property of the Phoenix Blood.

Hasnt your family been meaning to study it

“This is just perfect.

Lin Nan is the best test subject.

After my sisters and I risked our lives to send her back to safety from the staged attack, she must have taken her blood as samples, right

“Doctor Lin, are you here to try to trick me into giving you more blood to study”


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