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Mai Qi suddenly coughed.

Ye Qian and I hurried over to take a look.

Mai Qis eyelashes fluttered, and she groaned.

“Lin Nan, you bitch! Ill skin you alive!”

Well, shes full of energy.

Not bad.

Mai Qi widened her eyes, gritted her teeth, and sat up with a thud.

“Mai Qi!” I grabbed her hand before she could attack.

“Im glad that youre awake.

Do you feel any pain” I asked her.

“Nanxing Are you okay” Mai Qi got out of bed and missed her step.

Fortunately, Ye Qian held her.

“Mai Qi, were at home.

Youre back.

Youre safe.

Nanxing is fine too,” Ye Qian comforted her.

“Ah…” Jing Ni moaned beside her.

I went to help her.

“Mai Qi, are you okay” Jing Ni got up and hurt herself.

Mai Qi came back to her senses, “Jing Ni, are you injured Where does it hurt Damn the Lin Family! Look, Ill burn them all! No, Ill bury them all! If they dont have a dirty heart, why did they set up this trap”

“They have already been burned,” I said calmly.

“Ah Who did it” Mai Qi asked.

“My little uncle.” I helped Jing Ni sit up.

Mai Qi was very satisfied.

“Well, Tong Le understands me the best.”

I stroked the goosebumps on my arm.

I said to Jing Ni, “You were whipped by Lin Nan.

Qu Hao crippled one of Lin Nans hands, and then she used my phoenix blood to treat her hand.

As a result, she was poisoned and is now on her last breath.

Are you glad Qu Hao even blew up the Lin family beyond recognition.

Is that enough to vent your anger”

Jing Ni nodded lightly.


My heart ached.

“Youve been implicated by me again.

Lin Nan wants to use you to threaten me.”

Jing Ni held my hand.

“Its good that youre fine.

If I could help you block the disaster, that would be the best.

Its a pity that I cant help you.”

“Dont be so mushy.” Mai Qi held her arm and glared at us.

Jing Ni and I looked at each other and smiled.

Ye Qian had long been used to the banter between the three of us.

Mai Qi suddenly reached out to stop us.

“Wait, wait, wait, what did you say”

I was stunned.


Mai Qi looked at me and tried to recall.

“You said that Lin Nan was poisoned by your blood”


As expected of my good sister.

She finally found the problem.

I tried hard not to giggle and guided Mai Qi to continue her questioning.

“What do you mean by poisoned Is her physique special Is she unable to tolerate the Phoenix Blood Thats not right.

When she was shot by the arrow, you used your blood to heal her wound.

Didnt the wound heal very quickly” Mai Qi had a surprised look on her face.

Jing Ni also looked at me curiously.

Ye Qian smiled at me and turned her face away.

I stood with my arms crossed and had an arrogant look on my face.

“Hehe, that was then and now.

When I wanted to save her, the Phoenix Blood was the best medicine.

If she hurt my friend, then my blood would be filled with resentment.

Ill poison her to death in no time!”

Mai Qi and Jing Ni looked at me in disbelief.

Jing Ni stuttered, “But Mr.

Li didnt say that the Phoenix blood has such an effect.”

“Its a new effect.

Ive mutated!” I was proud.

Their eyes had already become filled with admiration.

Ye Qian really couldnt stand it anymore.

She patted Mai Qi from behind.

“Shes lying to you.”


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