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Chapter 82: Coming Out

Master Gu Er rebuked, “Nonsense! A man has to settle down eventually.

Tong Les parents and siblings are no longer with us, as older brothers, we should take care of him, no”

My little uncle was shocked, he probably didnt expect to get burned from helping Jing Tian.

Master Wei Wu smiled.

“It sounds like Master Er already has a suitable candidate to introduce to Master Si.”

Master Gu Ers eyes swept over his nieces.

“Of course, I have them right there.

Tong Le, Ye Qian has just returned from overseas, studying finance.

Shes 22 now, you two should get to know each other.

“Jing Tian, Gu Yan has always cared about you since she was young.

The two of you are childhood friends who have been through thick and thin! So this is perfect!” Master Gu Er then laughed to himself, proud of his matchmacking skills.

Master Wei Wu shrugged, showing his helplessness.

My brain spun quickly, trying to find a way to help my little uncle and my lover.

I so wanted to kick this Master Gu Er.

To everyones surprise, my little uncle reached out to wrap his arms around Jing Tians shoulders.

He said with a smile.

“Im sorry for making everyone worry, but Jing Tian and I have already decided that well spend the rest of our lives together, right, Jing Tian”

Jing Tian surprised me by not pushing his arms away.

He said lightly, “Take your hand away.

No one will believe you if you dont treat this more seriously.”

Initially indeed no one believed my little uncle due to how cheeky he was.

However, when Jing Tian said those words, it did raise some suspicions.

People looked at them in astonishment.

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It was Ye Qian who broke this awkwardness.

She extended her hand to my little uncle.


Tong, Im Ye Qian, its a pleasure to meet you.

My uncle was just joking.

Please dont take it to heart.


Tong, you shouldnt have dragged Mr.

Jing into this simply because you didnt want to hurt my feelings.

I know Im too mediocre for someone of your caliber, dont worry, I can handle the truth.”

I almost wanted to applaud Ye Qian.

She had such high EQ.

I even felt it had lowered her station for her to marry Jing Ning.

My little uncle shook Ye Qians hand.

“Miss Ye is so understanding, much more than Brother Gu Er.

As younger brothers, Jing Tian and I didnt dare say that we are not good enough for his nieces, so what can I do but to pair ourselves together”

His words made everyone laugh.

Master Gu Er punched him jokingly on his chest.

Jing Tian coughed, “Find another person to be your match.

I already have a sweetheart, Im going to withdraw from the ranks of the singles.”

The crowd was silent before they exploded.

“Jing Tian, you already have a sweetheart” Everyone looked at him with an incredulous expression.

I looked at Jing Tian and my heart was drown in sweetness.

I knew he wouldnt expose my name but at least he let these people know his heart had already been claimed.

The person who was most injured was definitely Gu Yan.

She was on the verge of tears.

Ye Qian pulled on her cousins hand and commented, “From what Mr.

Jing said, it sounds like you cant reveal the identity of your sweetheart just yet.

Why is that If I have someone as capable as Mr.

Jing show his interest in me, I would be glad to tell that to the world.

Does this mean the girl is already claimed or she has something to hide”

While everyone was shocked by the news, only Ye Qian pressed forward.

Jing Tian smiled.

“Its nothing that sinister.

Im simply waiting for my sweetheart to finish school and then I will marry her.” Jing Tian easily neutralized Ye Qians needle-like words.

Gu Yan held back her tears and tried to squeeze out a smile.

“Jing Tian, may I know who your sweetheart is Is she from our circle Do we know her”

Gu Yan had gone beyond social decorum to push this far.

She must have loved Jing Tian deeply or else she wouldnt have abandoned social decency to press like this.

People turned to look at Gu Yan with pity.

Jing Tians face was still indifferent, but his tone was very gentle.

“I do not wish to reveal her name because I dont want to affect her study and life.

When the time is right, I will bring her to meet everyone.”

Gu Yan saw hope.

She looked at Jing Tian.

“Jing Tian, I dont believe you.

This sounds like an excuse.

In fact, I have an easier time believing you are a couple with Master Tong than this secret sweetheart nonsense.”


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