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Ye Qian took a sip of milk coffee and gave me a thumbs up.

She wolfed down her sandwich and finished the milk coffee.

I took away the cups and plates.

When I turned around, she was already resting on the sofa with her eyes closed.

I walked over to rub her shoulders.

“Why didnt you ask cousin Mo to help”

Ye Qian closed her eyes and said, “He is in charge of the Tong family and your private property.

I am in charge of the rest.

This way, he will be less tired.”

“Such a virtuous sister-in-law.

Our ancestors must have blessed us!” I teased her with a smile.

She patted my hand and leaned against the sofa with a smile, falling asleep.

With the help of Mai Qi and Jing Ni, Ye Qian could finally relax.

I glanced at Ye Qian, who was asleep, and said to the two of them in a soft voice, “Ill go and make some delicious food.

Thank you for your hard work!”

Mai Qi said without turning her head, “Get me some boneless chicken claws.

You are what you eat.

I need to nourish my hands.”

Jing Ni said lightly, “Nanxing, you have to prepare some pig brains for her.”

“Alright!” I retreated with a smile.

Mai Qi threw a handful of magazines at Jing Ni, who caught them and put them aside with a smile, ignoring her.

I left their battlefield with a smile.

With them around, I felt relieved.

I went downstairs and stretched.

Everyone had their own posts to guard.

I was the only one who had nothing to do.

I didnt want to chat with Auntie Lan and Auntie Bai Rui.

When I was thinking about where to visit, Tan Si called.

“Sister Xing, you were right.

Someone sneaked in, and we caught him!” His voice was filled with excitement.

I immediately became interested.

“How did you catch him”

Tan Si said, “There are many people in our families, and we know each other.

Were familiar with Master San and Master Si, but not Master San and young master Qu.

In addition, we have servants at home.

I had people go to various places to get a name list and check.

In the end, there really were a few more people who were not accounted for.

Fortunately, we found them in time.

Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Do you know They have been secretly planting bombs everywhere!”

I couldnt help but feel shocked.

They really had good methods!

Tan Si said with lingering fear, “If we were a little later, they might have succeeded.”

“Did you go to Mr.

Lis place to get the medicine” I thought of another important question.

Tan Si said, “Yes, we did.

So far, we havent found any problems in this aspect.”

“Good! You must be more vigilant.

You must be careful.

Report this situation to the various departments and communicate with them at any time!” Our biggest problem was every organization was filled with elite soldiers and strong generals, but they all came from different organizations.

Even though the Dragon Gate and the Ardent Flame Alliance had a good relationship, each of them had its own style of doing things.

Sky City was familiar with them, but we were not familiar with Qu Hao and cousin Mos people.

Obviously, Tong Zhuo took advantage of this loophole.

It just so happened that he was in the dark while we were in the light.

It wouldnt be so easy to get rid of him at once.

I knew where I should go to help.

When I pushed open the door of Mr.

Lis laboratory, it was bustling inside.

No one even looked at me.

The two disciples that Mr.

Li took in ran around busily.

Tong Yan was sitting in a corner, engrossed in choosing medicinal herbs.

“Master” I walked over to Mr.

Li, who was focused on flipping through the medical books and called out softly.


Li didnt turn his head.

He said slowly, “Youre here Tan Si called me.

Theres no medicine that can prevent voodoo from being cast on oneself.”


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