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“Is there a way to expose those who have been affected by voodoo” I asked.


Li turned around and pointed at the busy people with his chin.

“They are preparing the medicine.”

I was relieved.

“Then what are you doing” I curiously watched him fiddle with those test tubes.

He did not often use these western medicine things.

His medical skills were more inclined towards metaphysics.

“Im trying to purify our drinking water.

Tan Si said that there are outsiders who have sneaked in.

Im worried that apart from planting bombs, they will also poison us.

If they poison us, they will definitely not use lethal poisons.

Instead, they will use voodoo worms and the like to control people.

Dont you agree” Mr.

Li raised his head to look at me.

My back was drenched in sweat.

I finally understood why I had a very strange feeling when I saw Lin Nan.

Moreover, Tong Zhuo said that if Lin Nan exploded…

I understood.

I grabbed Mr.

Lis hand.

“Master, are you sure about this medicine”


Li nodded.


Its just a little troublesome.

I need some time.

When Im done, you can make the arrangements.”

“Master, lets go and see Lin Nan.

I feel that theres something wrong with Lin Nan.” I was a little anxious, but I didnt know how to express myself.


Li shook the test tube in his hand and stared at it for a few seconds before nodding.

“Its done!”

He put down the test tube in his hand.

“Nanxing, get a few people to sprinkle these reagents into the water inlet.

There mustnt be any mistakes!”


I immediately called Xiaoyi and asked him to arrange it.


Li washed his hands and said, “Lets go and take a look at the person who is rumored to be poisoned.”

I got someone to bring Lin Hua over as well.


Li was puzzled.

“Hes still a little weak after having the voodoo removed.

Whats the use of bringing him along”

I shook my head.

“I dont know.

Its his sister.

What if he can help”


Li smiled.

“When it comes to reading peoples minds, I think none of them are as good as you.”

I was stunned.

“Am I”


Li glanced at me.

“You get sensitive to these things after treading on thin ice for a long time.

Its not a bad thing.”

I was in a daze and almost sprained my ankle.


Li was quick-witted and grabbed my wrist.

When I came back to my senses, I blamed myself for having poor concentration and being absent-minded.

However, Mr.

Li didnt let go of my wrist.

His expression changed.

His finger was placed on my pulse.

“Whats wrong, Master” I asked softly.

Could it be that I was poisoned

I wasnt nervous.

Anyway, nothing could poison me to death.


Li looked at me.

The expression on his face was a little difficult to explain.

“Nanxing, you should be pregnant!”

I shook my hand in shock, and my face turned red.

“Nonsense! Master…”

How long has it been It hasnt even been a month, alright I havent even reached the date of my menstrual period.

How did he know that I was pregnant


Li smiled.

“It hasnt been that long, so I cant be completely sure.

But, believe me, it shouldnt be wrong.”

I said stubbornly, “Impossible.

How can you make such an arbitrary announcement Theres no scientific basis for this!”


Li nodded.

“Yes, theres no scientific basis for this, but youre not someone who can be explained by science.”

I was stunned for a moment.

That was true.


Li laughed.

“If Jing Tian knew about this, Im afraid he would be dumbfounded as well.

Old Master Jing and Old Madam Jing will be ecstatic.”


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