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“Because in his heart, Im just a monster.

Im probably not even human.

Im just an experimental subject that should be slaughtered by others in the laboratory.

Now that Im the master, he naturally feels uncomfortable, right” I glared at Lin Hua with disdain.

Lin Hua pursed his lips and finally bowed deeply to me.

“Miss Nanxing, Im sorry.

I apologize to you for everything that our Lin family has done to you.

Im sorry.”

This was really rare.

I looked at him with disdain.

Whats the meaning of this apology

I ordered the guard behind me.

“Go and untie Miss Lins ropes.”

The guard replied with a “Yes” and untied Lin Nans ropes.

Lin Hua immediately went forward to check his sisters pulse.


Li and I stood in the same spot without moving.

Lin Huas expression was very ugly.

He called out softly again, “Lin Nan Lin Nan”

Lin Nan did not make a sound.

Only then did Lin Hua step back.

He said humbly to Mr.

Li, “Sir, please take a look at my sister.”


Li looked at him and asked, “Hows her pulse”

Lin Huas eyes were red.

He shook her head gently.

“Its extremely weak.

Her life is at stake.”


Li went forward and carefully checked Lin Nans pulse.

His expression was grave.

Lin Hua turned his head to look at me.

Suddenly, he said, “Miss Nanxing, why does the phoenix blood turn from medicine to poison after being used twice I cant figure it out no matter how much I think about it.

Can you please enlighten me”

His words finally sounded a little human.

I smiled sweetly at him.

“This reasoning is actually very simple.

The first time she used my blood, I gave it to her voluntarily.

Although I didnt like her at that time, I thought she was a good person.

Therefore, I used my blood to save her.

“However, the second time, I was forced to give you the Phoenix Blood.

You used my friends life to threaten me.

I had no choice.

At that time, it was impossible for me to say that I didnt have any resentment towards you.

So, you see, under two different circumstances, my blood had different effects.

Thats why Tong Zhuo and his father couldnt recover even after using so much of my blood.”

I was just spouting nonsense.

I didnt expect Lin Huas expression to change from disbelief to shock to sudden realization.

He believed me.

I couldnt help but feel very pleased.

After Mr.

Li finished checking her pulse, Lin Hua asked anxiously, “How is it Do you have a way to treat her”


Li glanced at me and said, “I can treat her, but Ill have to beg for Nanxings to give us her Phoenix Blood again.”

Lin Hua kneeled in front of me.

“Miss Nanxing, please be magnanimous.

Please save my sisters life.

Our Lin family will be eternally grateful.”

I dont need this cheap gratitude!

I looked at Mr.


My blood was already poisonous.

I had no idea what he was planning.

Could it be that he wants to fight poison with poison


Li smiled at me.

Looking at how confident he was, my heart calmed down.

However, I said to Lin Hua, “I dont dare to accept the Lin familys thanks.

Im just giving Mr.

Li face.”

After saying that, I extended my arm to Mr.



Li, take as much as you need!”


Li slapped my hand away.

“Now is not the time.

You still have resentment in your heart.

Its not suitable! Im going to give her an injection first.

Shell be resting for a week.


Lin, Ill need your help too.”

Lin Hua hurriedly nodded.

“Ill listen to Mr.

Lis orders!”

He was so different from before.

The Lin familys ability to bend like this really made me look at them in a new light.


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