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Li focused on applying the needle.

However, just as he applied the third needle, Lin Nan moaned.

Lin Hua was pleasantly surprised.

“Lin Nan, youre awake”


Li frowned.

“Dont move.

This is a matter of life and death!”

Lin Hua hurriedly said, “Lin Nan, be obedient.

Dont move.

Dont move.”

There was no telling if Lin Nan understood what he said.

Her eyes that had just opened turned around and closed again.

She didnt move at all.


Li continued to apply the needle.

Lin Hua stared at Mr.

Lis hand with a good look.

When he was done, Lin Hua bowed deeply to Mr.



Li, you are an expert!”


Li smiled slightly.

“Its just a small trick.

Its not worth mentioning.

Nanxing, get someone to go to my place and get two pills.

Also, get someone to take some blood samples to study.

What kind of poison is this What does it have to do with Phoenix Blood”

I immediately ordered someone to do it.

Lin Hua asked carefully, “Sir, was my sister waking up just now Is she alright”


Li glanced at him and said calmly, “Havent you checked her pulse Although her Qi and blood are weak now, they are surging like waves.

If we dont let her calm down now, Im afraid that she will die.”

Lin Hua nodded repeatedly with a look of relief.

After a short while, Tong Yan rushed over and handed the pills to Mr.


Then, he went forward and took two tubes of blood samples.

Lin Huas gaze had always been on Tong Yan.

Tong Yan raised her eyes and gave him a cold glance.

Only then did Lin Hua withdraw his gaze.

“Take it back and test it.

Tell me the results after that,” Mr.

Li said to Tong Yan.

Tong Yan replied softly and left.

Lin Huas gaze followed Tong Yan.


Li saw it and did not speak.

“Sir, did my sister suffer from a voodoo spell like me” Lin Hua asked carefully.


Li glanced at him.

“Cant you tell”

Lin Hua shook his head in confusion.


Li sighed softly.

“Thats true.

Voodoo is not a disease.

Its not your fault for not being able to see it.”

Lin Huas face was full of a thirst for knowledge.


Li pointed at the silver needle between Lin Nans eyebrows and said, “This needle is to control her voodoo poison.

Shes different from you.

Because she has the Phoenix Blood in her body, the voodoo worm mutated extremely quickly and controlled her nerves.

Although it hasnt been long, her brain is more or less damaged.

Im afraid that her memory and cognition are all damaged to varying degrees.

This will be determined after she wakes up.”

“Then, can she still be saved” Lin Hua asked nervously.


Li nodded gently.

“Its a little complicated, but its not impossible to save her.”

Lin Hua heaved a sigh of relief.

“Please lend us a hand, sir.

The Lin family will be eternally grateful.”


Li frowned.

“Theres no need for your gratitude, but with her situation, she needs some medicinal herbs.

I cant gather them right now.”

Lin Huas eyes lit up.

“Regarding the medicinal herbs, you can rest assured, sir.

The Lin family isnt worth much, but we have all the medicinal herbs…”

I casually interrupted him.

“Dont forget, youre currently imprisoned in our place.

Your Lin family is now Tong Zhuos base of operations.

Even if you have the medicinal herbs, can you take them out”

Lin Huas expression changed, and he lowered his voice, “Mr.

Li, please tell me what you need.

Ill definitely think of a way to get the medicinal herbs.”

“You sure treat things differently when it affects one of your own!” I coldly mocked him.

Lin Hua said with a serious expression, “Miss Nanxing, the Lin family has been practicing medicine for generations.

In order to treat and save people, we will definitely not be stingy with our medicine.

Its not entirely because shes my younger sister.”


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