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I rolled my eyes at him, indicating that I didnt believe him.

Lin Hua was captured by us, so he had no choice but to endure it.


Li waved his hand.

“Alright, Nanxing, dont act like a child.

Speak properly.

Ill be fair and say that the Lin family has spared no effort in treating patients and saving lives.”

Lin Huas expression was obviously relieved.

“Its just that this time, they chose the wrong side and helped the wicked to do evil.

Its indeed unexpected.” Mr.

Li was somewhat regretful.

Lin Huas expression became unnatural.


Li sighed softly.

“Humans are not sages.

Everyone can make mistakes! Mr.

Lin, take this as a warning.”

Lin Hua lowered his head.

I looked at him.

I couldnt help but say, “Youre now an abandoned chess pieces that Tong Zhuo threw over.

Or perhaps, youre spies placed here.

No matter what it is, our Mr.

Li is a true doctor who treats parents.

He has treated your illness and poison.

I hope that you can have some conscience.

I dont expect you to help much.

I only hope that you wont betray us and harm us.”

Lin Hua didnt say anything.

He just bowed to Mr.

Li and me.

That was all I could say.

Since I had already said what I needed to say, Lin Huas attitude made it difficult for me to say anything more.

I was almost done venting my anger.

When it was time, Mr.

Li stood up, and Lin Nan slept very peacefully.

I instructed the guard behind me, “Ask Sister Kong to come over and arrange a guest room for them.

Its not a good idea to stay here anyway.

Just arrange it downstairs beneath my room.” The guard turned around and left.

Lin Hua bowed again.

“Thank you, Miss Nanxing.”

Before I could say anything, Tong Yan pushed the door open and entered.

He went straight to Mr.


“Master, the data is out.”


Li took the list and looked through it.

Sister Kong walked in.

After I had arranged everything properly, I walked out first.


Li passed the list to Lin Hua.

“Take a look for yourself.

Ill write down the few medicines that you need in a while.

Try and see if you can get them.”

Lin Hua took the list with both hands and thanked him profusely.

On the way back, I asked Mr.

Li, “Master, what happened to Lin Nan Was she really poisoned”


Li nodded.

“She was poisoned and had voodoo worm in her.

But her poison is quite strange.”

I listened attentively and realized that Tong Yan was also doing the same.

“She was poisoned by you.

However, because she used your blood previously, her life wasnt in danger.

It was just that it was very painful.” Mr.

Li explained in detail.

I stuck out my tongue.

“I dont know which version of my blood will win.”


Li said, “There was no victory or defeat.

In the end, they were slowly reconciled.

However, it might take a few years.

Coincidentally, she met Tong Zhuo.

Tong Zhuo had accumulated some evil things over the years, so he poisoned her.

She has suffered a lot.”

“But, when she was first sent here, I felt that she seemed to be smiling, but no one else saw it.” I voiced out the doubts in my heart.


Li frowned.

“You mean she is faking it”

I nodded.

“This woman seems to be pure and innocent, but shes actually full of schemes.

Im a little afraid of her.”


Li stopped talking.

Tong Yan suddenly said softly, “Master, is there a kind of voodoo that can make people look like theyre terminally ill so that they can gain sympathy”


Li frowned.

“Ive never seen it before, but its not difficult to cultivate such a voodoo spell.”

I looked at Tong Yan.

“Why do you ask”

Tong Yan shook his head gently.

“I dont know.

Its just that this question suddenly flashed through my mind.

Its like… Its like Ive seen it before.”

I instantly understood everything.

Tong Yan had seen this before when she was with Mai Qi.

Therefore, she had a partial impression of it.


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