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Li also understood.

He muttered, “If Ma Ji had cultivated them before, then its not impossible for Tong Zhuo to continue developing them and achieve greater success.

There is always someone better.

Ma Ji had betrayed the clans rules.

When she met Tong Zhuo, who has deviated from the path, Im afraid she has gone even further on the evil path.”

“Then, can the few medicines you want cure this kind of voodoo” I asked.


Li was silent for a moment before he said, “The few medicines I want are for Tong Mo.”

I suddenly realized that because cousin Mo had been getting healthier day by day under Mr.

Lis care, I had almost forgotten that he still needed a few precious medicinal herbs to cure his illness.

I felt a little ashamed.

Tong Yan said softly, “Master, no matter how mutated that voodoo is, it should revolve around the purpose of absorbing the Phoenix Blood.

Nanxings blood has now become poisonous.

So, can we use Nanxings blood to cure it”


Li didnt say anything.

Tong Yan felt a little uneasy.

I smiled at her as a sign of encouragement.

Memories were very strange.

They could be erased for a moment, but they might not be erased for a lifetime.

Tong Yan was the best example.

No matter how Ma Ji wanted to protect her, no matter how Mr.

Li wanted to help her, in the end, Tong Yan was still Tong Yan.

The ups and downs of her life, as well as her life by Mr.

Lis side, finally made heraccept everything.

She became an indifferent and detached character.

All her energy was placed on taking care of Mr.

Li as well as studying those small bottles and jars.

Tong Yan became bold.

“Master, can we give it a try first”


Li finally nodded.

Tong Yan was relieved.

“Nanxing, give us some blood samples.” Mr.

Li sighed softly.

I raised my arm and smiled.

“You can draw as much as you want!”


Li glanced at my lower abdomen and directly said to Tong Yan, “Nanxing should be pregnant.

Dont draw too much blood.

Also, pay attention to the changes in her body from time to time.”

Tong Yans mouth opened into ano shape.

I was a little embarrassed, but I had to be shameless.

I raised my chin and said, “Hurry up and congratulate me.

Youre the second person besides master to know about this.”

Tong Yan smiled.

Her eyes were curved, and she looked very beautiful.

I couldnt help but be stunned.

“Congratulations, Nanxing.

Ill definitely take care of you carefully.” Her tone was very sincere.

“Its better if fewer people know that Nanxing is pregnant.

I dont know what changes will happen to the Phoenix Blood, and the house is such a mess.

If people know that shes pregnant, I dont know what kind of arrows will be shot from the dark.” Mr.

Li said worriedly.

Tong Yan immediately nodded in agreement.

I said indifferently, “Its still too early.

Master, didnt you also say that youre also unsure yet”


Li glared at me.

Tong Yan hurriedly said, “Masters words arent wrong.

Just cooperate well.

Ill take care of your daily life and food in the future.

Im with Master, so no one will suspect anything.”

She was really thoughtful! I thanked her.

In fact, I secretly longed for the little baby to make up for the regret of my previous life and the guilt of that child who had yet to see the light of day.

If he really came, I would do my best to protect him, make him a happy child, and give him the most beautiful things in the world.


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