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Chapter 84: Entanglement

Jing Yan was so angry, her eyes were spitting fire.

Tears fell down her face, showing her rare vulnerability.

Lee Yang didnt say anything.

He looked at the fragments on the ground and turned to me.

“Im sorry for causing you trouble.”

I raised my hand and called for the waiter to clean up the scene.

I said calmly, “Its not much trouble.”

“I want to go and see Jing Ni.” Lee Yang looked at me.

I studied him and said, “Id suggest you give her some alone time for now.

You also need some time for yourself too.” Lee Yang lowered his head in silence.

Jing Yan sneered.

“And here I thought who it was to have intervened, so its the venerable Miss Nan.

You are truly different from before.

Now youre bossing people around like the princess of the underworld.

You acted such so timidly when you were at the Nan Family, I was almost fooled by you.

However, your status might have changed, but you are still as immoral as before.

To think that you have succumbed to being that bitchs pimp! How disgusting!”

Before I said anything, Lee Yang cut in angrily, “Jing Yan, watch your mouth! What does this have to do with Nanxing I cant believe a young lady like yourself would utter such unbecoming things.”

Jing Yan softened and started to cry after Lee Yang shouted at her, “Lee Yang, how could you defend her This is all her fault! If not for this bitch, how would you know that other bitch, Jing Ni

“Lee Yang, you have to open your eyes.

I am the real eldest daughter of the Jing Family! That Jing Ni is just a dog that we pity! What do you like about her You must have been fooled by her pitiable and innocent act!

“And this Nanxing, she is the most hypocritical person there is.

She pretended to be so submissive to deceive all of us.

But the moment she found someone to support her, she turned on us.

She is truly an ingrate! A dog that bites the hand that fed her!

“Lee Yang, Im the only one who really cares about you.

Its fine even if you dont come from a rich family background.

You only need to focus on your study, after you graduate, Ill have you work at the Jing Corporations headquarters.

Youll be treated well for the rest of your life.

Lee Yang, believe me, you wont be able to find someone who loves you more than me.” She stepped forward and tried to grab Lee Yangs arm.

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Lee Yang took a step back and shook off her hand.

His eyes were filled with disgust as he looked at her.

“Dont come near me! I dont like you! Jing Ni is a thousands times better than you! You, you…” Lee Yang was too much of a gentleman to say nasty words to Jing Yan.

I shook my head.

Jing Yan was furious.

“How can you even consider to compare me to that little bitch”

Lee Yang was so angry that his entire body was trembling, but his good parenting prevented him from arguing with Jing Yan.

Jing Ning and Nanyang came over when they heard the sound.

Jing Yan grabbed Lee Yang and questioned, “What dont you like about me Am I not good enough for you What else do you want from me Tell me, Lee Yang, tell me!” Lee Yang tried his best to shake Jing Yan off.

Jing Ning quickly went forward to pull his sister back.

“Jing Yan, Jing Yan, let go of him.

Remember where we are!”

Nanyang was so shocked that she didnt know what to do.

I watched all of this with cold eyes.

Lee Yang finally managed to break free from Jing Yan.

He turned around and left without looking back.

“Lee Yang!” Jing Yan called out to him.

She wanted to chase after him.

Jing Ning stopped her by hugging her waist.

He growled in a low whisper, “Jing Yan, many people are looking at you.

Would you stop embarrassing yourself”

Jing Yan finally calmed down.

But when she turned around and saw me, she immediately charged at me.

“This is all your fault!” She cursed as she raised her hand to hit me.

Jing Ning pulled her back and shouted angrily at me, “What are you standing there for Get lost!”

I smiled, “Young Master Ning, did you forget that this is my home”

Jing Ning was stunned.

Jing Yan sneered.

“So what! Im warning you bitch, you better get out of M City when you still can.”

I slapped Jing Yan on her face.

Everyone, including Jing Yan was stunned.

They didnt expect me to retaliate.

“Ive tolerated you for a long time already.

That slap was for Jing Ni because you called her a dog.”

Then I rewarded her with another slap.

“This slap was for me because you were rude to your hostess at her home.

If I didnt do this, you probably wont ever learn that lesson.” My words were crisp and clear for everyone to hear.

Jing Yan was dumbfounded.

Even Jing Ning was dumbfounded.

It was Nanyang who came to her senses first and she uttered in a shaking voice, “Nanyang, how could you hit sister Jing Yan”


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