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Chapter 85: Lesson

Jing Yan finally registered the slaps.

She screamed as she tried to pounce on me.

“You dare to hit me How dare you!” Before she could reach me, Su Qian grabbed her wrist.

Su Qian exerted some force and Jing Yan screamed in pain.

Jing Ning ordered Su Qian to let go.

Su Qian didnt respond.

Jing Ning was ready to fight.

Su Shen moved to block him.

Ah Hu ran over, “Miss, is there a problem”

I glanced at Jing Ning and said, “Su Qian, please escort this young lady out.

From now on, shes no longer allowed to attend any of the Tong Familys party.”

Su Qian replied with a yes and dragged Jing Yan towards the exit.

Jing Yan cursed loudly at me.

I said in a clear voice, “Miss Jing, if you continue to act like this, youll only lose the Jing Familys face.

Do you need the Jing Family to announce to the public that their eldest miss has lost her marbles again”

Jing Yan stopped immediately.

I smiled and walked towards her.

“Miss Jing Yan, dont think that Ive forgotten what youve done to me earlier.

I promised Old Master Jing not to pursue it further because I was willing to give him face and not you, understood”

Jing Yans face was ugly.

I smiled.

“Sister Jing Yan, dont be so angry.

Its only because Feng Shui has changed.

I am no longer the dummy that you can bully at your whims anymore.

Im sorry to disappoint you.

“Sister Jing Yan, the times are changing.

I know you want to hit me but certain things have changed.

I, Nanxing, am the second miss of the Nan Family and also the eldest miss of the Tong Family.

If the Nan Family no longer welcomes me, I will return to my uncle.

“Sister Jing Yan, you are the eldest miss of the Jing Family and Jing Ni is your little sister.

You are both Old Master Jings granddaughter.

However, because of Jing Nis father has left us early, you saw her as a dog How do you think that would make Old Master Jing feel If this is spread around, how will the public think of the Jing Family

“Mind your words, Sister Jing Yan.

Dont go around calling people bitches and sluts.

Think about it, Lee Yang likes Jing Ni and he doesnt like you but you keep pestering, threatening and seducing him, who is really the slut here

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“And one more thing, do you know Lee Yangs real identity He couldnt care less about the things that you can offer him.

You must be incredibly dense to not notice the truth that is right before your eyes!”

Jing Yans eyes were burning with fire.

She struggled to break free.

“Im going to kill you, Nanxing, you bitch, I will kill you!”

Naturally Su Qian was not going to let her do that.

Jing Ning rushed to help his sister.

I shot a gaze a Su Qian.

Su Qian let go and handed Jing Yan to Jing Ning.

Jing Ning looked at me severely, “Nanxing, when have you become so… unreasonable!”

Unreasonable I was expecting worse, like heartless, cold-blooded and so on.

Nanyang stuttered as she came over.

“Nanxing, youve crossed the line this time.

No matter what, Jing Yan is still our elder sister, how can you treat her like this”

I didnt have time for her act.

Brother Hu came forward and said, “Mr.

Jing, Miss Jing, this way please.” Out with the trash!

Nanyangs face chilled and her voice lowered, “Nanxing! Have you lost your mind If you offend the Jing Family, youll suffer too!”

I glanced at her, “Big Sister, do you wish to follow them”

She glared at me but didnt dare to say anything.

I turned to look at Jing siblings who had walked away, “Big sister, it is you and aunt who dont dare to offend the Jing Family and not me.

“The Nan Family always rely on the Jing Family, thats why you never dare to oppose them.

Big Sister, marrying into the Jing Family will bring you a lot of benefits.

Youve already achieved your first step, right now, Jing Nings mind is all about you.

But as sisters, I have a friendly warning for you.

Beware of the plain-looking fox trying to steal your man.”

Nanyang looked at me warily.

I smiled, “But with your intelligence and beauty, who could possibly contest you”

The answer would be Ye Qian.


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